Canon G7X III vs G5X II review – IN-DEPTH comparison!

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Canon G7X III vs G5X II – my in-depth comparison, inc Sony RX100 VII!
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Jeff Sibelius says:

Planning ahead for a vacation with lots of walking . . . I love my Nikon D5300 for stills, but it's going to be tough to lug it around with two lenses while I'm hauling my Panasonic G85 with two lenses for video – so these Canons are very interesting. Looking strictly from the still image perspective, how do you think the stills from the G5X II would compare to a DSLR like the Nikon D5300?

Inspired Art Photos says:

Another review from Imaging Resource discusses the wide angle problem. “Compromises to achieve a more powerful zoom
That's not to say that it's perfect, however. Canon is subject to the same laws of physics as any other manufacturer, and there are some definite compromises that have been made to achieve this impressive lens. That becomes most startlingly obvious when you open a Canon G7X raw file shot at or near wide-angle in an application that doesn't automatically provide Canon's default lens corrections.
<img src="ZYIMG_0212-image-circle.jpg" alt="Canon G7X review — Sample photo" width="600" height="400" border="0">

Wide-angle shot as shown above, but without correction for the abbreviated image circle of the lens.

Apps like Adobe's Photoshop Lightroom and Camera Raw will provide those corrections even at their default settings, so if you restrict yourself to those, you might not notice this aspect of the design. (Or at least, you may notice its aftereffects — some pretty dubious image quality in the corners towards wide-angle — but not their underlying cause.)
The reason becomes blindingly obvious in programs like FastRawViewer, my image culling app of choice, however. Look at an uncorrected raw file from the Canon G7X shot near wide-angle, and you realize that the lens' image circle doesn't cover the entire sensor area.

24mm-equivalent, 1/125 sec. @ f/1.8, ISO 1600
It's normal for uncorrected raws from pocket-friendly, large-sensor cameras to have strong distortion and corner vignetting, but this is nevertheless a pretty extreme example. To provide a usable image, it has to first be stretched to reach the corners — and that means each pixel captured by the sensor in the corners ends up spanning a greater area in the final image.
That's done automatically in-camera for JPEGs, and for raw files most mainstream apps will also handly it transparently for you. There's no getting around the fact that image quality is degraded in the corners, though, with a greater reduction in sharpness than we're used to seeing. If you're shooting a relatively central subject against a nicely-blurred background, you won't notice. If your image has strong detail even in the corners — a landscape, say — it can be pretty obvious at larger print sizes if you're paying attention.”

Chris B says:

Fantastic review thanks for all the work involved bringing this to light, really appreciated!!!

brettb613 says:

Excellent review! You've offered a number of key points I have not seen in other reviews of the new Canons which I find very valuable for making my final decision in which camera I will buy. Thank you.

Armando R. Venegas Atencio says:

Very accurate and honest Side-to-side review for sure.
Great job, thanks a lot for sharing it !!!

Inspired Art Photos says:

Thank you for reply. I love your work!

Inspired Art Photos says:

Gordon here is one of the discussions. I have experienced this first hand.

Christian Lawrence Photography says:

Great review thanks for making. If they can fix the autofocus I will have the g7xiii 🙂

Inspired Art Photos says:

Question I have a G7X, does the G5X MK II stretch the image to cover the sensor when shooting wide angle? I have to get to the equivalent of about 35 mm to get away from the distortion and softness. “The Hybrid Shooter” noted this is still the case when shooting with the new G7X MKIII. If that is still an issue I will probably have go Sony. The RX 100 VA is a very capable camera for the same price range. I shoot a lot of landscapes and it always is a pain have to shoot a pano when the 24-35 is so bad. Since the G5X MK II has a different lens, did Canon fix this?

Medyocrity Visuals says:

Never thought I’d consider having a canon g-series. 🧐

Goddard Family Adventures says:

The problem I have seen is once you start walking all the testing on autofocus goes out the window. It simply can't keep up. So most of your tests aren't a good demonstration of someone who walks and vlogs with the camera in different positions.

Sivan Mozes says:

What do you think about the longevity of these cameras? On older models the motorized lens would fail after some time. It doesn't look rugged but it would be nice for hiking, biking etc.

Snowwalker says:

Another great review. Why couldn't Canon do a better job with their autofocus? For sports, wildlife, video; Sony, for portrait landscape and general use G5X II.

FreeHusband자유남편 says:

I finally chose g7x mk3 and uploaded the video I bought.

marioplus321 says:

Gordon, I will buy you a cup of coffee,but will you buy[&send] me this BISON APA BEER often shown in your videos;)?

Adrian 220482 says:

Could you do a RX100 vii settings review? 👍🏻

Biker Bijilal says:


binaya kumar sahu says:

Dear Gordon. Can g7x miii give better Bokeh effect than g1x Mark III ? Have u got chance to compare

iyn1911 says:

Thanks for helping decide which camera to get.

Franz Weber says:

Probably the best camera reviewer on YouTube

Devawrat Vidhate says:

Can you suggest camera (pocket or mirroless camera with interchangeable lenses ) for product photography , with image stabilization, can easily shoot in autofocus & lowlight must be good at bokeh effect
Budget 400-500$

Momchil Yordanov says:

I really hate the market segmentation most companies force on us. The G7X and G5X should be one camera. Put the better lens on the 7, charge in the middle of the 2 prices and that's it. Why should the customers be forced to give up the better lens on the 5 or the mic jack on the 7? This is just stupid.

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