Canon G7X III HANDS-ON first looks – VLOGGERS rejoice!

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First-looks of Canon’s G7X III. My final review:
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Filmed with Lumix G9 and Leica 10-25mm f1.7


Tiffy Hughes says:

I rather CanonM50 thro.

AROUHI says:

Is my Chanel

CK Leong says:

If i shoot product video most of the time, do u recommend this or m50? As AF not an issue for me and this come with attractive price with fast lens.

Shahzaib Ali says:

Which prize of this camera

Leyla Zobel says:

Hi does it have slow motion and can i transfer the videos and photos on my smartphone via bluetooth or an app?

Jon M says:

How do you disable the limit of video length – I cannot record more than 35 mins then the camera auto shuts the recording down – battery fine and card not full 🙁 Canon say thats a set function ??

nman2563 says:

Makers deliberately leave a mic input out of their compacts so that buyers are forced to buy the expensive DSLRs. Canon is going to get in trouble for breaking the cartel

ID Signz says:

@4:34 you can clearly hear him say it's the G7x mark iii. But the video shows him using the G5 mark ii. Im confused as shit.

Myk Pilgrim says:

Does anyone know if there's a video recording limit?

Zoe's Vlogstastic says:

I bought one and It overheats in less then 5 minutes I bought the Canon g7x II and it works way better

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