Canon G7 X Mark II Best Camera Review

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The Canon G7 X Mark II is one of Canon’s best point and shoot cameras and is a great entry point camera for beginners. If you’re looking for a camera to use for YouTube videos, vlogging, or are just looking for a portable mirrorless camera, the Canon G7 X Mark II might be exactly what you’re looking for.

It has a 1” CMOS sensor, uses the new DIGIC 7 processor, 24-100mm equivalent lens with image stabilization. The G7 X Mark II also has a flip-up screen, continuous autofocus during video, a built in microphone and a timelapse movie mode.

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Tech Gear Talk says:

Hi everyone! Thanks for watching my review of the Canon G7 X Mark II. I hope that I covered the major point that will help you decide if it's the right camera for you. Let me know what you think about it. Does it have the features you're looking for? If not, let me know what you wish it had. Thank you in advance for your time!

Samuel Va! says:

For vlogging m50 or G7x Mii?

VHiikiF Gaming says:

Nice camera

Drenosy says:

can you like live stream with this camera? I have it and I would like to start gaming videos and so by any chance can I like connect this to OBS and have live footage? I bought a micro hdmi to hdmi to connect it to my pc but it doesnt seem to work

Brogan Vanessa says:

What’s better for vlogging? This camera or the m6?

SharkInfestedH2O says:

For vlogging, what about external sound recording with an external recorder and lavalier mic?

MidwinterEclipse says:

Awesome review dude. Thanks for taking the time.

solo traveler says:

I'm in Thailand I want to make night market videos bars walking street etc
Do you recommend me this camera or have another better option
I'm looking for zoom ability as well

T.K. Parker says:

Great video…well done! I have this camera and I love it. Just stopped by your channel to learn more about it.

Miguel and Lana • Live With Legacy says:

What do you think about Sony a5100? I’m looking for a small camera but at the same time I want to have external mic and flipping screen so I can see when I do videos of myself or pictures

Cheryl Craven says:

Hey there! Thanks for this awesome review. I wish I saw your review before I purchased the camera because I'd like to film myself in a yoga video. Since there is no external mic, what would you suggest? Any help would be appreciated.

Nolizel Jhean Resurreccion says:

Canon G7x Mark II or Canon eos M50?

Angelica Rivera says:

WOW. THANK YOU FOR THIS! your amazing!!

nassor khalid says:

Hello. I'm having difficulties on choosing between mark ii and m6. I always go to best buy look at mark ii and m6 and leave without purchase one of them, coz I'm not sure which one will please me based on what I wanna use it for. please help me with this. Thnks

Kimberly Crick Art says:

At 8:05 I found the answer to my question about potential macro photography, but I needed to be sure I could focus on something extremely close up. I really appreciate all the little details and examples you put into this video. It made my decision making easier 🙂 Thank you so much!!!

Steven Espaniola says:

Great vid!!!

PeeAir_ says:

Hi, I was wondering if the camera has an external mic input? Because I would like to also buy the Rode Microphone to vlog with..

Bob Flynn says:

Hi! Great review. I've been comparing the Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II to the Sony RX-100 Mk III. Do you have any experience with the Sony? The Canon looks like it might be a little more durable. I'm also not sure I need the built in Flash of the Sony, but maybe you could convince me otherwise. Thanks!

wakeupwhenever says:

Great review! Awesome details! What camera did you use to shoot this video?

Geof Lopez says:

May i know what is the title of the background music hehe i also got my g7x

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