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The canon G5x has been released in 2017 but still holds its grounds despite the small sensor size. The main reason for its popularity is the feature-rich package which makes it a good all-around camera favorited by manny vloggers.
Compact size, great auto-focus, wifi, hot shoe adapter, articulate screen, and image stabilization make it the perfect camera to take with you every day.

Get The Canon G5X:
SD Card To Capture Your Images And Videos:
Spare Battery For The G5X:

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Jasmin Garchitorena says:

Thank you for the review! 💓 I badly need a review of G5X! Cuz its only few who review G5X

OzzieTech says:

its a good camera and good video but you need a pop filter or work with your audio levels way too much poping in the video ( thats where you basicly blow into the mic and it then distorts the sound.

João Américo - FOTOGRAFIA says:

The audio of this video is very bad =(

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