Canon G1X MKII Review

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The premium compact camera market used to be pretty much owned by Canon. The much lauded G series was the ultimate in functionality for those that wanted high image quality but didn’t want to lug around a heavy DSLR.
However, in recent times other manufacturers have overtaken Canon’s once unquestionable dominance. The Sony RX100 II is currently the biggest seller in this area of the market, while products like the Fuji X100S offer something a little more unusual.

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gianluca ferrari says:

Silent shutter ?

Louis P says:

Sound's like she's reading from a script

tuff ness says:

Does it record at 60fps?

f2lo2 says:

Which one would you recommend g1x mark ii or g5x and why?

MrRDMulli says:

Great review. Helpful

The Emo Emu says:

Can it bokeh-bokeh all night long?

Elisa Cortez says:

Thank you.  This helped!

N says:

0:35 What was that?

excessbastion says:

you can hear the birds in the forest that adds a nice touch

Jon Bushell says:

I think Canon are 5 years behind everyone else.

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