CANON EOS RP versus 6D mark II – comparison and review

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CANON EOS RP versus 6D mark II – comparison

in this video I will compare the 2 Canon brothers, with 26 Megapixels CMOS full frame sensors. One Mirrorless and one DSLR – which one to buy sis the question

Canon EOS RP has been provided courtesy to – my newest favourite Australian retail store – just check it out as they have the best prices on the market at this point in time

if you wish to see the RP review check link here

I have just received from them the beer Mirrorless brother CANON EOS R – so expect a full review soon in typical Christian Tudor style

by the way, as a reminder, this channel will be renamed to Christian Tudor

feel free to leave comments. if you hate the joke…tough luck…keep it to yourself.



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