Canon EOS RP Review | Redefining Full-Frame Mirrorless

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The Canon EOS RP redefines entry level full frame cameras with a lower price, compact and lightweight design, & signature Canon quality.
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wmilberry says:

This camera is outright crippled. You seem to be going easy on it to please Canon.


It's Eos (one word, a name from Greek mythology) Why do people keep calling them E.O.S.?

Michael Reif says:

Looking forward to the 70-200 f2.8 IS RF. I expect I will have to save up a lot.

Thaha abdul majeed says:

Oh boy this is such a long ad!!!

ourtvchannel says:

A total waste of money camera that appears to ignore what has been happening in the full frame market for the last 3 years and expects Canon sheep to flock to it. Really Canon do you think photographers can't read specs, see alternatives with full ranges of OEM native glass available today and third parties coming to the table to provide low cost options. Are you still expecting the sheep to be fooled by "Canon" colour and an Auto focus system that was once the only game in town but is now just OK and behind Sony's eye auto focus. This camera offers the opportunity to again LOCK people into Canon and WAIT and WAIT and WAIT and WAIT for a camera that isn't crippled. Don't do it. Buy a Fuji or Sony today and enjoy using Cameras with 2019 technology in 2019 not a camera with 2009 technology.

sskai84 says:

We all know 6d ii had bad dynamic range. Canon said we need to hurry to compete, so they threw "old" sensor in and sent it off. Samsung did same thing with S9. Apple has done this for years. Same thing with a lot of fluff. I'll pass canon

Life & Times of a MultipleMediaManager™ says:

This is the first video on the RP, that I've seen where the presenters actually address the target audience for the Canon EOS RP. Very well done. I was kind of expecting the rubbish I've seen so far from other Pro channels who should really know, and do better. Well done.

Rick Nash says:

Almost an infomercial.

Jati Setiawan says:

Hi Dan, great review. Did you shoot this whole video in 1080p 30fps/60fps? I’m just wondering how big of a deal is it of not having 1080p 24fps for casual video users, e.g. for vlogging or everyday use. Thanks!

AWD Photography says:

Canon seems to be the only manufacturer making an FF mirrorless camera that offers a sensible price point. Plus there is the used lens market that will give you a whole load of options.

The camera is not designed as a video camera… it sort of bugs me how people seem to put so much emphasis on video, especially when they take no consideration about the rest of the range. Why would they offer better options on a 1,300 dollar camera when they have a pro range of video cameras?!

Kurt Cordes says:

Don't forget the RF 24-240. It should be under 1000$

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