Canon EOS RP review – BUDGET full-frame mirrorless

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My hands-on 1st-looks of the EOS RP, Canon’s budget full-frame mirrorless!
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Gordon Laing says:

My hands-on 1st-looks of the EOS RP, Canon's budget full-frame mirrorless!
Check prices on the EOS RP at B&H:
Buy Gordon a coffee:
Gordon's In Camera book at Amazon: / Amazon uk:
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Sheik Yerbouti says:

Hi Gordon, regarding patent question flippy screen. This could be it:

ajay vardhan says:

Wonderful. ..amazing. .camera

Bowtech2 says:

But its sooooo ugly…

WakeUp JakeUp says:

This makes me want to switch to Sony A7 iii… can’t even get to 24fps?! Dude! How frustrating ! I have canon but please make what literally everyone wants and stop almost being there …

Big Fan says:

24 fps is not available at 1080p and no dual auto focus on 4k …
M50 have 24 fps at 1080p …

FractalBuilder says:

Impressive camera, relatively cheap, and tempting for me to switch from my Fuji system

HERVE Raoelina says:

My EOS 1300D is enough for me …Thanks 🙄

PortraitOne says:

Why did you leave Smashing Pumpkins?

jim davis says:

Gorden i watched the whole video thinking what did you say at the beginning,replayed it twice 1299 USD ,and 1399 GBP what are we being conned . Thats worse than apples exchange rate ,our glorious British pound have always worth much more then the USD

John H. Maw says:

Great review and wonderfully thorough, although I was cringing every time you moved the camera around on that rough surface. I wonder what the bottom of that camera looks like now. Anyway, as reviews go you are certainly the man to listen to.

Tony Marden says:

Body is composite material, is it not?

LunArtsDesign says:

Things to consider before buy it:
-Same sensor of 6D Mk II (Is no so good)
-No magnesium alloy
-One SD card slot
-Slow burst
-No FHD 120p for slow motion
-1MP aprox on the screen
-Native ISO range is up to 40,000 and expansion 102,400
-Poor battery life
-Life of 100,000 cycles (Like EOS Rebel line up)
-No secondary screen
-No battery grip (the one available is only for presentation)

Bombastic Elastic says:

Looks pretty good except for the stupid small battery. Nobody wants to see weight savings at the cost of battery life.

Mark James says:

I ordered one yesterday and should receive it after Feb 27th, at which time I will comment on my impressions. Great video!!

Wesley Lee says:

Nice review. It's gets soooo tiring to hear the vloggers rant and complain about what the camera can't do. We all can read specs. Highlight the good things, point out the limitations (without rants), and be positive. Thanks!

Gary Roachester says:

I miss your voice man, First time I listen to you when you do the review of nikon d90 10 years ago. You’re the most detailed reviews I had seen back then. More power!

exosoul says:

Thanks for the video! I really like your simple straight to the point format. But, I need to comment the same thing I commented with Tony Northrup, because is misinformation. (Not saying on purpose). But these cameras don’t do “cropped 4K” videos. You either have 4K or you have another resolution. You mean a cropped sensor when filming 4K. You still get 4K resolution out of them. What you mean is that Canon doesn’t super sample their 4K video for whatever reason, like Sony or other brands does. IMO, we need to stop treating these cropped sensors as a big deal for quality as some of the very best 4K videos you will see are recorded with a cropped sensor. I do understand the lens factor and how much it zooms etc. But I believe that is a different aspect for functionality not quality or resolution.
Just my two cents man. And if you are ever in the Hollywood area, let me know. I’ll buy you a round of coffee.

Victor Tan says:

was thinking about migrating to sony camp, glad EOS RP came out just in time, now i'm thinking about sticking around 😀

Casa de Chrisso says:

Regarding the flippy screen patent thing, I remember hearing that being rumored already many years ago, before I even picked up photography for myself again. Maybe even 10 years ago? More? I can't say, but I never heard it being confirmed nor disputed, and at this point I can't just think of any other reason that could exist for other manufacturers not to include one, or only include it in certain models. Take Fuji for example, the company most famous for listening to their customers, I'm sure they heard that call loud and clear, but yet haven't managed to include a flippy screen in anything but their most low end crippled body (xt-100). This is a job for Camera Conspiracies of course, but there must be at least something to it.

D Desai says:

Does this camera allows to set lowest shutter speed for Auto ISO..?

Mr. O says:

I wonder why Canon always ignore important tech in their Cameras which make it hard to go ahead and buy their Cameras!!!

Mr. O says:

Thank you for the great video!
Could you please let us know if Canon has anything similar like the “Pixel Shift” technology that Sony has in their A7R?

truknayr23 says:

4frames per second… 😁 The M50 could shoot faster. Will wait for a real world review. Thanks Gordon.

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