Canon EOS RP Review: A full-frame camera that cuts too many corners

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Canon’s new full-frame mirrorless RF system looked incredibly promising, but it got off to a rough start with the launch of the EOS R, a camera that was missing key features next to rival models from Nikon, Sony and Panasonic. Rather than introducing a better flagship model, however, Canon took the opposite approach. It launched the 26.2-megapixel EOS RP, the lightest and, by far, the least expensive new full-frame mirrorless camera on the market.

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zimbox1234 says:

For photos I think RP is a fairly good option (light & good grip for mirrorless) but for video…. oh man… so many weird electronic restrictions. Only with if Canon will unlock them with firmware (which they never will).

Akhyar Rayhka says:

People complaint too much about the RP

Chris says:

Excellent review, first rate

Chad Cohoon says:

Coming from Nikons and M43, I ended up choosing this over every other FF. I think Engadget forgets who this is marketed to. To be able to get outstanding FF images with extremely affordable world class used glass at this price point is outstanding… and I’m finding I prefer the ergonomics, interface, and menu system to every other I’ve used. Is it missing some things, absolutely, but it thankfully doesn’t have Sony’s menu system, price tag, color science, or handling either (though there’s a good chance the A7IV will be my next camera). I’m finding the DR completely acceptable with its upgraded Digic 8 processor. This camera is far more than the sum of its specs and a great segway to FF or stopgap till a Canon IBIS system is released. The EG-1 extender catapults this camera into a completely different experience adding the perfect weight and size for me personally, especially with large glass. The RP is a great overall Full Frame package.

Don K says:

If you actually use the camera, you will find that it is an excellent camera for stills. By far the best value for the money. Canon-haters will have their usual fun, but all they prove is how little they understand about photography. Yes, this may not be the camera you want for advanced video. Since most YouTube reviews are done by video shooters, the camera will always get negative comments. If you are looking for a stills camera with excellent color, industry leading ergonomics, easy to use menus, a very useful fully articulating screen and a great price, then you can't go wrong with this camera. Comments such as "worse DR than a smartphone camera" are so ridiculous they do not need a rebuttal. Unless you are shooting extreme contrast scenes, you will never have a problem with the DR on this camera even though it does not compete with others in test results. Shadow lifting is far better than the Canon 6D although internet charts say otherwise. That's why you need to actually use a camera to understand how well it works.

John Blomeling says:

Now I remember why I never watch let alone subscribe to this channel.

Charles Roberts says:

Shoot with and SL2 and Sigma 70-200 2.8. Great results with $499 body and $1200 new lens. Got it used for $499. Same 5 fps.

Sean Vosler says:

Underwhelming for $2400… spend a bit more for WAY more, or a lot less for 99% of the features – weird camera

Minh Trinh says:

The dynamic range on this really bad. It's even worse than a lot of phones. And you can get a lot more out of a phone for that much money.

Chang Ken says:

more like EOS RIP

noureddine sadiki says:

هذه هي االلي تصلح لطبيعة فهذا الجفاف اللهم اغثنى غيثا نفيعا تحية طيبة للفلاحة

Barry Gormley says:

The perfect review for those that have forgotten what its like to not be able to things. The more we see full frame sensors in affordable bodies the better.

rottenavocados says:

i'd rather buy a Pixel 3…

Haseeb Quraish says:

Sir Thanks For The Review

丂匚ㄚㄒ卄乇 says:

Do people still use these cameras for casual photography? I mean phone cameras have come a long way, and obviously, more portable

E says:

It doesn’t make sense as a camera. Sure it’s slightly more compact than an SLR but the lenses are even larger than the SLR counterparts due in part to the larger mount. You just get a very front-heavy camera without a lot of common features. If you want an actually compact mirrorless camera, get a fuji apsc and one of their tiny prime lenses or even a Sony full frame which has smaller available lenses, IBIS, etc.
An xt3 would also be far better for street photographer due to the quieter shutter and the ability to do silent shutter in any mode if needed.

Ojasvi Singh 786 says:


M3h3ndr3 says:

When they use AF all the time and you only know its a short form for "as fuck"

i have no idea what singleshot as fuck means but it sounds like good quality xD

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