Canon EOS Rebel T3 Digital SLR Camera Review

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As an entry level camera, it’s a good start (if your taking pictures in highly lit places like outside in the day). You can upgraded the lenses and keep the good ones for your better Canon cameras down the line.

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yonas Erlangga Photo says:

SLR? not DSLR?

Jose Canchola says:

Does the t3 come with WiFi ?

Juan M. Ruiz says:

Gain for Audio Grain for Video OK

Nery El salvador says:

This camera its anice camera photos have nice colour betta than. Androide cel

TK YT says:

For $280 CAD you can get the sl1 which is way with a ton of features!

TK YT says:


Abrar Almutairi says:

Hello can you send me an e – mail (([email protected])) it’s really Necessary.

Samy Boumezaid says:

T3 doesn't shot 1080p .. it's only shot 720p at 30 fps

Mi lk says:

Every time I try to record video on my t3 it freezes and I can't turn it off. I have to take the battery out. What should I do to record video/how do I fix this?


I'm Happy i didn't buy it.

Yasmina says:

Know what camera is great for large concerts ? Plan on attending a concert and want a camera with great video & sound quality. Also is there any lenses you'd suggest for concerts since they're kind of low-light

iscc says:

Cad and my phone probs has better quality lg g4

iscc says:

Bro i looked this up and its 899

miranda frye says:

Awesome review thanks!

Taylor Tong says:

I was your 1000th subscriber😂

PeterBuddy says:

What setting are you using? I have never had this problems. I have talked to and seen tons of videos and they all say they have not had these problems.

El Bebo says:

Hey quick question , I have no real knowledge about cameras but would like to learn what are the differences between the Canon EOS Rebel T3 camera and the iphone 7plus camera. I saw a video that went viral where they compared a Nikon dslr camera to it, but there was a lot of controversy about this. Would appreciate you sharing your knowledge on the matter.

BrewingwithBill says:

While I'm not a camera geek. Or a professional in any way. I think the Rebel t3 is a wonderful camera. Although I bought it with out lenses, And added after market ones ( 55, 300, 1000) after the fact. I have to disagree with you.  With 18 mp and all the setting, both automatic and manual, this camera takes fantastic photos. Always sharp and crisp. No need to photoshop. That being said, if your a pro, you may want something a bit bigger, better. But for this average Joe. It can't be beat for the price.

nestor jimenez says:

my t3 does 1080 30f

Rico Federico tv says:

u have to learn how cameras work so for entry level t3 is just fine but once u start developing experience u will upgrade to the t6i but for now this camera just fine i will recomend to get the 75 to 300mm lens for distance recording the lens it comes with is average

Eric Villarreal says:

Is this good for $220 USD, I saw one in my country for that amount. Brand new.

Richard Morley says:

So it sounds like this is a good starter camera for someone looking to dip their feet into photography. I've always just use point and shoots. Would you recommend this for someone like me who just wants to take better photos on trips and such?

Gabriel Soriano says:

any recomended lens for this camera? prime lens

Vincent M Cornelius II says:

Wow, great video! I'm glad I didn't purchase that T3 yesterday. The question I have for you is, what camera was used to shoot this video? Thank you.

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