Canon EOS Rebel SL3 Review

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Dave Paul and Evelyn Drake review the new Canon EOS Rebel SL3. Is this new DSLR camera a step forward or backward for Canon in terms of technology and features? Watch to find out.

Canon EOS Rebel SL3 –

Videography by Brendan Schmidt

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Shot on the Panasonic GH5

Evelyn Drake: @tcstvev
Dave Paul: @tcstvdave

Special Thanks to Diana Ferreira and the team from Lava Hair Salon.

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nickjitsu says:

In the UK at the moment the SL3 sometimes cheaper than the SL2 (although it's the 250d and 200d respectivly. I wish Canon would use the American names worldwide). The M50 is only a wee bit more expensive. I'll be getting the SL3 tomorrow as I'll be shooting in PAL 25fps, so I'm not really going to miss 24fps and I can get cheaper lenses without an extra £120 for an adapter (which I'd need for the M50). I shoot guitar videos in a studio environment, so I might be brave and press the NTSC button and shoot in 60fps at it should be smoother and easy to slow down.
My room is tiny however so if I shoot in 4K, with that crop, I'll need to shoot one finger at a time!
Thanks for your wee video. It's another that's helped me make up my mind after a month of research and investigation into every camera on earth (around my price range).

Aseer Awsaf says:

The SL3 sounds good actually. I'm still using a 600D (Rebel T3i).

Yousef Moazeb says:

How much it si coast 🙏 please

riothero313 says:

View finders don't chew up batteries, what you see is what you get even with the camera off, less lag, and they also don't have any problems being seen In bright light. I eventually settled on this camera after years of bridges and super zooms (post 35mm). Cannon does kind of throw me how their line doesn't have clear choices of what is better. The other one I looked at had way more auto focus points but, only 1080p video? It had nfc which I didn't care about at all but, the last gen image processor. On top of that it was $100 more. You think if it costs that much more it should clearly be better in every way but, this one also beat it in battery life. If I cared about video at all I probably would have looked more heavily at a mirrorless though.

OCN London says:

My teenage brother picked out and saved for this camera and📷>条   it is perfect for his budding photography needs. Thanks!

Brad Wood says:

I just bought this camera to replace my aging Samsung mirrorless NX 300. I bought it because I wanted eye detect and I wanted the equivalent around a 60 mm lens which I got inexpensively with Canon's 35 mm macro (56mm full frame equivalent) made for ASPC bodies and while it's somewhat slow at F 2.8 (f4 full frame equivalent), it has image stabilization which makes up for it. This gave me a decently small and light camera and lens set up for $800 and I can always add a 50 mm 1.8 for a hundred more. Giving me a full-frame equivalent of 80 f2.8 for an extra hundred dollars. The only time I will use the viewfinder is outdoors and very bright sunlight which I rarely shoot in. So part of me feels like I'm going backwards buying an SLR but really I'm buying the best value for the money.

Barb Ghig says:

Very helpful review…Thanks!

Tong TV says:

How long can it go live?

Daniel Martinez J says:

carambas aprenda español es fácil. xd

Chuck says:

Ugh this review and the reviewers are AIDS in my ears. They’re acting so out of touch like they don’t know who this camera is for.

Owen Skene says:

The lenses made for the M50 are not as good as the larger EF lenses. With the better lenses, you will have a much larger selection of lenses to choose from.

jayaline says:

Great camera, budget price. Works very well in mirrorless mode (as you said in the video), then for experienced photographers (I have 50 years) the mirror is very much appreciated. Canon have given a low cost camera option with a great automatic mode, plus full manual mirrored mode if you want. For me on a budget, I was able to get ring adapters and use my 1980's manual Zeiss lenses to brilliant effect !! Fabulous. Well done Canon.

daniel holden says:

Well i for one find mirrorless annoys the hell out of my eyes, to use the viewfinder

swapnil mali says:

Which one buy…nikon d5600 or canon sl3?

Rica Jay says:

I use this camera for my vlogs! And I enjoy this camera along with my 10-18 lens, meets my basic needs for video and photography so far. I had my pick of the m50 and the SL3 but opted for the SL3 for the battery life and lens options.

Fred Jezek says:

what mirror less camera would you recommend that is a better choice than the sl3

Ra y says:

Actually a channel where the guy knows what he’s talking about.

ZadTrax Productions says:

Everyone keeps talking about this camera having 4K video but it has a severe crop factor it’s pointless to use it. Instead, they need to be bringing up the fact that it has clean HDMI output which the M50 does not without sacrificing autofocus. It also gives you metering for your audio levels during video which the M50 does not. Everyone keeps advertising this 4K crap. I don’t care about 4K! I’ve also consider the M50 but its battery life is not very good.

Donald Stark says:

The one big plus the SL3 has over the M50 is that it accepts all of the Canon EF and EF-S lenses directly. You have access to all that glass. With the M50 you need to invest in a different mount and there are not that many M50 lenses available by comparison.

Luke Odell says:

They figured the 4k would get more buyers than the SL2…

Muhammad Zeeshan Murshid says:

which cam u been shootings

Anthony Hoffman says:

I’m in the market for a vlogging camera and doing lots of research. Based off your video, I’m gonna get the M50 and save a $150 bucks. Thanks!

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