Canon EOS R6 Review

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The EOS R6 promises to be the full frame mirrorless camera from Canon that many have been waiting for. We put it through the wringer to find out. Filmed on a pre-production Canon EOS R5. See full resolution sample photos from this episode:

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Jeff Winslow says:

Was really hoping Canon would give us a slightly higher res sensor in the R6. 20mp? Really? No thanks, Canon.

Dillan K says:

You a video is going to be good when it opens in Nanton. (Says a Calgarian)

JainBoi says:

Does the 20 megapixel has anything to do with the video quality?

Paul Lynch says:

20MP…. pass

Philip Gowdy says:

Good review but in the real world this camera is just about as good as a Sony A7 111 and a hell of a lot more money..You can get a Sony plus a terrific lens for its price.Simple as that if your looking to get into full frame. Simply put it should of been a lot cheaper..

januszian says:

Hey guys! Any issues with overheating while out and about?

I’d love to hear if you can do an hour or two nonstop with and external recorder in 4K 60fps? Would an Atomos help with the overheating?

Peter Hayward says:

Great video! Very interesting and informative. I would doubt the average customer, wedding, family, pets etc would even be able to tell the difference between 20 mp and 45 mp. And even less, would they care anyway. High end fashion and advertising work, perhaps. Take care and stay safe . Regards from a retired photographer in the UK.

JasonBornTV says:

I currently shoot on a 6D for my main body. I really haven't been impressed by Canon for any hybrid cameras that really would give me more creative control over my images in the sub-$3K range until now. I placed my R6 preorder the day after the announcement and seeing these reviews is only making me more and more excited

eighbitJuan says:

Fuji user here, but I gotta say I am absolutely loving the colors in the video!

Angga Dennis says:

Great place you guys visit this time!

LCdrDerrick says:

The prices won't fall to reasonable numbers. Within late autumn this camera might be at 150 million dollars and so will the A7III and the Z6 be, In spring a loaf of bread will be 150 billions, but until then the civil war might also has started within the United States and the FEMA is going to fight against the starving, the home- and jobless and the poor. Canada might be also for that reason a much, much nicer place.

Russell Mayes says:

What's the difference in video between the R5 and the R6? Just 8k?

Blender Wiki says:

Considering is a remplacement ofg the 6D Is a good camera.
Considering is 2020 and the price is another Canon camera limited by the marketing department.
The feeling is that the HW can do much more but is artificially "capped" on the firmware.

Carsten Schlipf says:

Still don't get why so many manufacturers still stick to the mode dial, which is a reminiscence to film camera, when ISO was a fixed value and therefore just offers the various variable combinations for aperture and shutter speed.

Viktor Kurucz says:

Wow! So strange colors! Like greens and purples and nothing else. At 16:50 is the bridge blue?

Rakesh Balhara says:

EOS R looks more refined and modern, R6 looks like cheap 1000 series cameras from Canon

Doldur Cosmin says:

i think the price is to high for the new Canon cameras and overheating problem is just ridiculous. As for the pure pictures IQ, I saw pictures in the dpreview gallery and the IQ looks worse than my old D600(and you can gen a new one with 700-800$ when there are discounts) + tamron 24-70 vc and also my old D7200+Sigma 18-35 1.8. Just saying. I don't understand why Canon still keeps that crappy AA filter, who removes 10-15% of the rezolution of the sensor, cameras without it takes better pictures(and yes, I know the D600 had one). Also your R6 over exposed a lot of images by 1/3 of a stop, some even 2/3 stops and yes, I have a good calibrated monitor 🙂 I'm waiting for the A7 IV now, I think it will be cheapper and better than the R6. Cheers from Romania and I love your reviews guys 🙂

Chad Bennington says:

Great review👍


The R5 video is too yellowish

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