Canon EOS R5 – The Best Camera of 2020?!

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Today we look at the #Canon Eos R5 leaked stats – Could it be the #EOS #R5 is going to be the Best Camera of 2020?! Leave your thoughts in the comments!
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Shot on a Canon 1dx mark ii
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sawyerhartman says:

Happy Valentines Day everyone! If you dont have a bae, you do now! Is this the camera we have all been waiting for, or is it gonna be a swing and a miss?! Leave your thoughts in the comments!
I personally think if they leave out 120 fps in 4k its gonna be an obvious miss on canons part…. maybe they left it off the 1dx mark iii to save it for this?? IDK but one of their cameras needs it or I gotta go somewhere else to find it….. my fingers are crossed, and no lie… this is the most excited ive been about a camera since the 1dx mark ii came out.

arya cafe says:


Slxxpy Jan says:

starts at 2:26

Kerry Grim says:

Its not even released yet. Come back in a year.

Daniel Boes says:

On the factsheet it looks incredible – it is worth following Canon year after year because sometimes they really impress and have a product that’s better than any other brand- and they have the best color accuracy and the flip out screen is the best – but the new Canon EOS R5 will not have the option to record in 8K and save it as that- it can record in 8K although it compresses it to really beauftiful 4K – hopefully it will have 120fps or 60fps in 4K video

heradio Suarez says:

still 120´p in 2020

Jonathan says:

Why do I hear Ali A with an American accent? lol Did someone mention it before? Anyway I also look forward for the eos r5

Reinaert De Vos says:

To be honest I think it will be another flop and the rumored specs will be incorrect. Lets hope I’m wrong though…

ReniVision says:

We the Sony guys still waiting for the Sony a7siii, I am happy that canon is stepping up the game because that should light up a fire under Sony’s ass. Let’s see. We long over due.

Simon says:

Somewhere someone from Canon is watching your video, thinking oh crap, we're going to disappoint and annoy people again!

Shirley Peters says:

Polaroids should go under the arm. (Don’t shake) (just sayin) Great vid about Canon. I might wait to see if there is a limited recording.

John NYC ; ] says:

Can’t wait !! Most definitely will be buying 👍🏻😀 thanks for the video!

Eli Iluz says:

Sounds great but i think people are too excited. I don't see Canon releasing a super camera that will clash with their other 'higher' models. They will always find the way to give you one thing, and take out something else or bind it under certain conditions. And if this camera is indeed 80% of what the rumors say then it will be expensive and in any case most of those watching this video will not be able to afford it. I love Canon but I think people are completely naive. No free meals guys! 🙂

White Rock says:

Crop factor doesn’t make a camera unusable…just means you might need wider lenses depending on your needs. The crop factor can be awesome if you need more reach for video.

Dee Troy says:

Using same set as you now – 1DXm2 + EosR. Waiting for R5 a lot, cause if 12+20 shots/sec will be real, I'll buy it in a moment) I my work 1DXm2 now is using only for sports photography, hope that R5 will replace it for all issues

Jeff harris says:

The secret is to watch Jared Polin

P V says:

Canon sucks

Nicholas Neri Holmen says:

I think it will be a great camera, waiting for it also…cros finger…!!!!

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