Canon EOS R5 Review (8K video, 45MP, overheating issues)

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The Canon EOS R5 captures 8K video and 45MP photos. But what about those overheating issues you’ve heard about? And how good is the image quality on the EOS R5? We cover all this and more in our hands-on review.

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Comments says:

Guys, Obviously no one heard the sarcasm in his voice about the 27° comment o.o he even followed up with saying "what is that, like 200 something degrees Fahrenheit?".

rvalerio77 says:

Really!? Finally you get all you wished but you want it to perform as a pro camcorder 😑 Just go and buy yourself a Pro Camcorder instead, Canon has plenty of them. But if you want a really good pro mirrorless for stills and some pro video features for short videos get the R5 or R6.

Aditya says:

Hue of the video looks odd…

Julian Greaves says:

Dear Canon, please give us a new EOS R, with decent autofocus, maybe but not necessarily the new 45 MP sensor and two card slots. Most of us don't give a stuff about 8k or even 4k, we just want to take the best photographs we can and the occasional family video. How hard can it be? The R6 would be great and 20 MP might be fine for almost all work but if you're taking shots of small birds, your cropping ability is definitely going to be limited. Please, just update the EOS R and maybe give us an R7 to replace the 7D Mkii.

Krekkertje says:

Chris' metric to imperial conversions are always spot on

K. Edwards says:

27 C is 80.6 F.. Not that hot. I feel there is a lot of covering for Canon going on. Ironically because it appears Canon didn't do even passive heat dissipation technology that would use the body to remove heat in the camera, the R5 is almost the same inside at 70 as outside in the sun.
From what I have seen:
Canon is in direct competition with their mirrorless focusing which is an achievement.
It appears from some videos I have seen Canon IBIS with Lens IS is better than Sony.
The R5 is a great stills camera and mainstream 4K video camera that brings them close enough to Sony on what it does well that Canon aesthetic lovers have no reason to change and with an aggressive lens program will have a solid ecosystem that the Original EOS R did not indicate.

SO then the marketing people have to F it up by wanting to pretend, they were way ahead of Sony by focusing on the one feature they were not ready to engineer, 8K video.
And if the body disassembly I have seen is accurate, they have the ability to do the 8K electronics but didn't even know what a homebrew PC builder knows about removing heat from the chips.
But when I see people pretending Canada at 80 degrees is heat stroke HOT, it feels like a manipulation.
Yes. you took the R5 out to where it was a whole 7 degrees F warmer than room-temp. Big Deal That's Winter in LA.

Alexandre Marsola says:

I give a like just 'cause Jordan cry…

Julian Blum says:

nice review

M. Z. says:

Meanwhile, feels like 41c in Toronto on a daily basis..but i cant ask for more, id rather have this weather lol

Christopher Stricklen says:

Chris is abusive. Send help for Jordan.

Danny Danger says:

Lovely footage. Really like the R6 video output (when it actually works). 🙂

misterampersander says:

I wish there was a comment sort function where I could hide any comment that contains "

quite informative

Thomas Gunn says:

Hey you said you were solid in flip-flops but yet you couldn't even chase him. Unsubscribed 😭

Michael Bell says:

Yep. Video shooters can go buy a VIDEO camera like a C300 or C500 and leave these camera for photographers.

John Drummond says:

A fair and balanced review, which we've come to expect. Chris should collab with Gavin (@Fototripper) Hardcastle, given your mutual love of flip-flops in completely inappropriate terrain.

Doug Dolde says:

Nothing that impressive about these bad light images. I heard they are recalling the camera for overheating

Bogdan Spineanu says:

Useless for wedding videographers, usless for 90% of pro video use. What a cockup.

Arif Kizilay says:

Hi, first and foremost, still photography must be separated from action photography(video) thoroughly. These are two different phenomena. Video is just pop culture, you can not create art with video but only with photography particularly black and white photography. As far as I know, Leica is the only company that has that true perception. nothing will change that true perception no matter how much technology is advanced. Please consider that as a photographer. Canon has photography tradition and they can do it if they want to. best.

Peter Svan says:

The serious overheating problem is obviously a showstopper for many. Sad!

Hardened Studios says:

Just saw two tests of the A7S3 and they ran into overheating issues outdoors in direct sunlight. It seems that if you are a journalist style run and gun, documentary film maker, 4k60p and above frame rates on the A7S3 also runs into similar issues as the R5.

Nate Kong says:

Jordan set off angry Canon fans at DPReview lol

BlackWipeout says:

Maybe Canon need help from NASA/Hasselblad for having the cooling solution. Remember on Moon the temps are ~ 172ºC to 127ºC. Films dont love this temps 😉
How they cooled this thing is top secret 😉

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