Canon EOS R vs. Sony a7III FOR VIDEO!

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Canon EOS R vs. Sony a7III FOR VIDEO!
Which camera is best for video? In this comparison, we test the 1080p and 4k, along with rolling shutter, color science, and autofocus for video.

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Shobi Shobu says:

Is this a PAID SONY Comparison Video🤔✌

Nitin Maharjan says:

Piece of SHit broo. fkk off

Vania Oliveira says:

someone buys my sony a7r

Turn Lemons 2 Lemonade says:

Hey man, was curious what tripod is that in the intro. I was looking for something a bit more compact. Thx!

Lets Smoke says:

No 10bit on Sony.

Sirajul Alam says:

NOT A GOOD VIDOE… EOS R DEFINITELY HAVE BETTER 1080p… A7III just gimmiky … bcos of bad codec

Kat Contreras says:

Do all external monitors cancel out face and eye tracking on the A7iii ? For instance what about the Atomos Ninja monitors ?

77dris says:

Why is it that the most videos show the Canon is much sharper at 1080p than the A7's. And at 4K, some (like Max Yurev) show SOFT EOSR 4K, but Potato Jet shows consistently that the EOS-R is sharper at 4K (or the same) vs the A7III.

anoophcl says:

Anybody facing issue that their is a lag when untake pictures with canon eos r it freezes for fraction of a second. Seems it is when the camera is saving photo to the memory card. Its like a photo preview for 1/20th of a second. Kindly reply thanks

TearingIronVeil says:

This review seems as if they are advertising Sony A7 iii.

TearingIronVeil says:

Canon is clear winner to me.

Taran Bali says:

01:55 once you zoom in to 400% ok who does that? Imagine after a shot is done the DP saying to the editor can you please zoom in to 400% for these shots, I forgot to take close ups 😂

xavieremond says:

is it me or the canon Eos R look more professional?

Yavor Kapitanov says:

Sony has more cinematic look to it, while the Canon looks something out of Gopro footage.

C DP says:

Any one have tips on how to match color between these two?

Tom Bates says:

Based on these results, I think the sony has better functionality but the canon has slightly nicer colours. I guess there is the work around. The 4K zoom on the canon seems a bit silly also.

Игорь Проник says:

canon skintone much better

Praveen Ram says:

In other reviews eos sharper then a7iii I think it's fake



Times Gadget says:

Thank you very much! Really a great comparison!👍

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