Canon EOS R VS Sony A7III BEST Full Frame Mirrorless Camera?!

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Today we’re comparing the two kings in the Full Frame Mirrorless Camera arena! The Canon EOS R VS Sony A7III, which one will come out on top?

The Sony A7III might be the best camera released in 2018 with a huge range of technical specs, ease of use, and a serious ecosystem that makes it a really legitimate online video camera, and I actually love it.

The Canon EOS R is a brand new first attempt at a full frame mirrorless camera from camera giant Canon that is one of the easiest cameras I’ve ever used or even heard of. It has beautiful color, amazing autofocus, and might be the easiest camera of the year to get good image out of.

Lets find out which one will come out on top!

The Canon EOS R!

The Sony A7III

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The Everyday Dad says:

About the autofocus. The A7iii is plugged into a monitor because that's the only way to see what you are doing. Again this video is aimed at online content creators who are generally one person teams and will need to see themselves in front of the camera. Face tracking turning off with a monitor isn't something this video came up with my itself and is something you'll have to consider if you start using the camera for you online presence.

라사 says:

One of the things that attracts me to the Sony is the exterior design. Unlike most people, it’s VERY appealing to me, very different than the usual dslr design.

Игорь Лозовский says:

Canon EOS R:
1. no ibis
2. single card slot
3. no 120 fps full hd
4. x1.8 crop in 4K
5. Unstable eye af in single shot mode only
6. No joystick
7. No video/photo mode switch like in Nikon Z6 or Canon DSLRs which was very convenient.
8. More expensive than sony and even more expensive in EU.

I bet the next 'PRO' version of Canon camera will have crop in 4K as well because of Canon Cinema series. This camera is controversial for video and more controversial for photo.

Beyond Adventure says:

I’ve got a lot of money in Canon and really wanted to love the R as a b cam, but have been hesitant to pull the plug. Your videos have helped me decide on a couple of key issues I had in my mind. Thanks for the straight up opinions!

Thiago Marciel says:

Its just my eyes or the a7III looks way sharper and the canon looks softer?

808JOKER says:

Potato jet are better review about canon eos r

Leslie Boom says:

The aesthetics of the Canon compared to Sony is amazing. The Sony is proper ugly.

Stephen Stanford says:

Another great video. So glad you defended Canon against the haters. I've handled an A7iii and loved the feel of it but I've never handled the EOS R. I'm still undecided between the two but I'm drifting toward the Canon at the moment for one simple reason… I need a still camera AND a cinema camera and I'm considering the Canon C300 Mk2. It would make sense to have both cameras from the same manufacturer so that they can share lenses.

sleepy at dawn says:

The Eos R is on the right? Looks much better in terms of video quality.

Alexander Suvorov says:

Sony beat the shit out of canon

Photography by Chris Mauser says:

You nailed it!

Chris James says:

I honestly think the focus will confuse a lot of people. The face tracking being disabled makes the Sony focus look uncertain which in reality is not the case at all.

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