Canon EOS R vs Sony A7 iii: Which One Should You Buy?!

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Time to put both a Canon EOS R and a Sony A7 iii to the test! Which one will come out on top in this ultimate camera comparison?!

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Canon EOS R

Sony a7 iii

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Jay P. Morgan has been working as a Commercial Photographer and Film Director in the Los Angeles area for more than 20 years developing an impressive list of clients from Paramount to McDonald’s. Jay P.’s experience with elaborate set design and extensive lighting are key to the success of his illustrative work.

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bonifacy filemon says:

Ta dziewczyna fajna ale ty jesteś jakiś dziwny.

Kmar1 says:

Thank you very much! This was extremely helpful – I’ve been debating between the two models for ages and your video really helped me make my decision!

Kai S says:

Why @the slanted lens is BIASED in his comparisons, and why he always wants to bash SONY: at 4:28, you see how he is not stating the obvious he is saying "Just a little bit of colors shift on her face" … REALLY? just a bit ?? how about her shirt and pants ? Look at those weird red lines and noise. Those red lines makes the image unusable.
at 2:49. You're comparing 30MP sensor vs 24MP sensor and you say you don't see tons of difference? There are clear and obvious differences. First, look at her cheeks, on the canon it has yellowish/greenish color while the Sony looks a bit more neutral. Then look at the overall image specially at her eyes, the 24MP sensor is quite sharper. Why not admit that?

Also when you compare the shots of her walking towards the camera. You're comparing 11 FPS vs 5 or 6 FPS? If Canon could shoot the same amount as Sony, we might be able to see quite a few out of focus. You're comparing 30 photos vs 15 for example, if 3 out of 30 out of focus, you still have 27 good focused images. On the canon, you have 15 only even if they are all in focus. See the difference?

John Bradfield says:

Yes. They're similar, but the A7iii has IBIS, so I don't need to buy IS lenses, and it has superior dynamic range, it has two card slots, and it doesn't crop in 4k…all for the same cost, or less than canon. I've been shooting Canon for 24 years, and their unwillingness to even try to compete with Sony is driving me crazy!

Mario says:

EOS R is an amazging camera with a few limitations

Jokemeister1 says:

I wish I could get such good photos at 256,000 ISO.

Steve Wallace says:

You need to investigate what Canon calls "focus points." They are not focus sensors. It is software manipulation the "focus points"
are not true phase detection or contrast detection sensors.

recipien D says:

if you are a photographer A7iii will give you more. videographer i will go for a Gh5

ALBENIZ Films by sanjaya k ranatunga says:

any way what is the best camera for wedding video & photo shoot.

아리아이다호 says:

What camera did you use to make this video?

Bill says:

What about now, after the new Sony was announced today?

lastsopranos says:

sony is best

Bohemian Rhapsody says:

just :))))))))))) how much paid?

souvik saha says:

Who shoots at -4 or -5 ev ? If they do , they should leave photography and start selling eyeglasses….

Nouman Afzal says:

canon is real beast

Art says:

why us an EF lens and not the native RF lens which has the new coating technology? not really an equal comparison.

Lumperator says:

Definetely Sony!

Serghei Gira says:

Get a Canon R with RF 85 1,2 lens, Sony is far behind!

Karol Bryd says:

So many Sony fanboys here…LOL.,,

PB Salfen says:

Wow Jay P! You REALLY brought out the fanboys, and haters, in this video!
Haters gonna hate, no matter what you do. 😉

Stefanie Daniella says:

Canon's FF EOS R is aimed at Canon Aperture Exposure F1-F99 Exposure (ExpSIM) Live-Pre-View Autofocus Blackout-Free EVF High-Speed Live-REVIEW-ACTUALS during full mechanical shutter high-continuous 14-bit uncompressed RAW CR3 stills photography shooting

quite different from
Sony's FF Alpha "mirrorless-only" ILCs aimed at almost-live-view almost-autofocus blackouts-interrupted-EVF "laggy-live-past-preview-ONLY" (no high-speed live-REVIEW whatsoever) during mechanical shutter (full or EFCS) or electronic rolling shutter during high-continuous stills photography shooting … where LV AF only manages to work best "widest-apertures-only":

■ ALL SONY A7#/A9 users are told by their peers to DISABLE live exposure preview effect (=kept OFF) if they want AF to work more consistently while using any f-stop narrower than widest on Sony OEM FE lenses
■ Ditto: FF Nikon Z7/Z6 users with OEM Z Nikkor Lenses
■ FF Panasonic S1R/S1/S1H users with OEM Panasonic Lenses cannot AFocus at all with any live exposure preview mode, except in MFocus mode, or in video mode.

■■■ All 3, Sony, Nikon, +Panasonic requires apertures to be stop-down for F1-F99 to show live aperture exposure+contrast preview of F1-F99 (none can simulate F1-F99 at all). This is why all 3, suffer aperture brightness inconsistency due to laggy live-past-preview of unsimulatable apertures dimming (dark/bright) momentarily between electronic past-preview blackouts!

XXX = None of these 3, Sony/Nikon/Panasonic, can adequately simulate live F1-F99 (contrast+exposure) preview, while SIMULTANEOUSLY always using Optimal apertures diameters (= ideal DoF for most accurate LV AF) of Canon's unique ExpSIM Live-PreView Autofocus. (ExpSIM LV AF on EOS dSLRs or EVF ILCs)

Sony/Nikon/Panasonic FF "MILC" users cannot understand why UNSIMULATED apertures hinder LV AF on their MILCs! Nor why their LV AF only works better at only widest-open-apertures (live exposure preview DISABLED)! Nor can they get the connect-the-dots that UNSIMULATED apertures for ENABLED "live exposure preview effect F1-F99 requires apertures to be fully stop-down, interferes with effective LV AF. (Their camera user manuals make no effort to describe how apertures (stop-down or not) are involved in "aperture exposure preview" (on or off = enabled or disabled), nor hint at how either mode impact LV AF.
This kind of old aperture-stop-down dependant LV AF from older WYSIWYG Live-View fixed zoom lens digicams hasn't changed as it was ported over to FF Sony/Nikon/Panasonic MILCs, where:
1) apertures stop-down to narrower diameters become too light throttling, light-poor for weak LV AF, plus if DoF is too deep, accuracy is worse.
2) wide-open-only-aperture lacks adequate (inaccurate) WYSIWYG, and iffy LV AF accuracy when DoF is too shallow.
3) shooting too much at widest-apertures-only entail too high contrast, risks highlight blowouts, which drives users to retreat to gross underexposure shooting ETTL (typically 1 to 2 EV too low = too little light = too noisy) instead of proper exposure ETTR, and better contrast control with appropriate narrower apertures, like F5.6 to F8.
4) shooting at narrower apertures F4-F11, while maintaining gross underexposure via ETTL, means shutterspeeds are higher than necessary with ISO boost/gain cranked higher than necessary, or the opposite with shutterspeeds lower than necessary with unboosted base ISO.
5) shutterspeeds unnecessarily too long (too slow= ibis-needy) to compensate for slower narrower apertures desired, invites both LV AF failure, or misfocus, which resorting to ibis can exacerbate AF misfocus.

catch-22 for Sony-digicam style LV AF carried over into other FF MILCs like FF Alpha MILCs

Kilo Hotel says:

I gave up after 50 seconds.

Guy Jordan says:

Stop frightening your model. THat never ends well.


World ever worst camera for canon

ivan rivas says:

Guys the video is great the comparation very good with some flaws but great over all.

dphotos says:

The Canon has one card slot and cannot shoot multiple frames in the silent mode so that has stopped me from buying the R and I own all Canon glass. For mirrorless I had been using the Fuji XT-2 system and I was waiting from the R to come out. I was looking at the Sony a9 system too. I was very disappointed with the R with it only having one cad slot. Why did Canon do that? I have had a 2 shoots now where my CF card was corrupted and I learned my lesson that I will never shoot with just one card in the camera.

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