Canon EOS R vs. 5D Mark 4 – Which is best for VIDEO?

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Forster Stewart says:

The ergonomic's ,weather sealing and ability to focus at all focus points in super telephoto lenses the d4 is a much better camera.

JR PHM says:

02:35 is the moment i close the video

M16 Team says:

Before thing about camera. Tell me how much canon pay your guys. Fucking shit.

NUCLEAR 64 says:

Hey bro. youtube is killing your channel. There are commercials almost every three minutes in your video. this sucks. you should contact youtube, because I have never seen so many commercials in one video before. something is wrong bro.

Aritra Saha says:

Difference was pretty clear .. A was better .. it has better dynamic range

abdulmajeed almaqbali says:

which lens is the best one for creating Video??

David Speltdoorn says:

what do you guys think about the upcoming Canon R5? i think this will be a gamechanger! Looking forward to your feedback about that one 🙂

Pretin27 says:

A7iii or EOS R?
Respond Please! Thanks


Brilliant! Thank you. Very helpful. Sounds like I should have gone with the EOS R over the MkIV which I purchased in November…

Genetix Risk Management says:

Way too many ads breaking the flow of the video – great content just difficult to stick with as people try to sell me stuff 🙁

Louie says:

Please lower the gain on the ding noise it’s so loud!!!

Acimov Photography says:

Canon EOS 5DMK4 is NOT recording video on 2 cards , only PHOTO !!!!

Mike Ocampo says:

Welp…waiting for the next EOS R before I switch to mirrorless. The 1DX Mark III is the only body on my list for this year. (cinematographer)

firpofutbol says:

Does anybody else feel like Parker has a bit of an ego issue, and also like he desperately wants to flex his arms for the audience but resorts to small shirts. That's how he comes off on camera to me. Lol

Teja teja says:

Low cost camers


Also do compare with Nikonz6

John Meyer says:

I'd love to see a side by side EOS R vs 90D comparison! They seem to be pretty well matched as far as specs with the 90D actually doing a bit better with 120fps FHD, but I'm not sure how the video out of them would compare.

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