CANON EOS R REVIEW – I'm Switching.

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Peter McKinnon says:

THANKS YOU FOR 2.5 MILLION SUBS!!! AHHHHH!!!!!!!! Be sure to check out that give-away! YA MIGHT JUST WIN IT!

Suren Dran says:

I love canon colour science and body

NotAyrton Senna says:

17minutes and no sample photos?

Red Chang says:

I would not switch…

shalon rogers says:

Damnit!!!! I missed the giveaway!!! 😫😫😫

Tapan Trivedi says:

Please review EOS RP. I’d love to see your view on it for still photos.

D MoLa says:

Maybe now people will stop calling high frame rates “cinematic”. It isn’t.

Tyler c says:

watched a previous video at 1.5x speed. Forgot it was still on… was positive you had pounded 2 chemex worth of black gold before recording this. lol

Director Curt Soul says:

Using this camera for the 1st time right now and I LOVE IT. I've used Reds, Canons + Sonys Cinema Cams/DSLRs etc and this cam doesn't feel disappointing at all. The HD is great, and once you get used to the menu it's a breeze. The specs make it sound underwhelming but trust me this camera is fassst. Also i tested autofocus with lights off and got 10 out of 10 photos in focus so yes I am a happy camper.

MrBPM75 says:

Love the video!! What is that adapter for variable ND Filter?

Sanjay Murthy says:

If I am filming my podcast which would you prefer, the R or a73

JonFromUpstate says:

Why did canon put C-LOG IN THE 5D but not in the 1DX?

S-Thornby says:

can you leave the link to the camera plz

ShunderD Clowers says:

Love the review. I learned so much

Seeing Eye says:

Awesome video, great seeing an intuitive and positive video instead of 'it doesn't have IBIS….'. I've just bought an R. Coming from a 6d, I've never had any issues with any of the issues the Sony fanboys etc complain about. All about upping your skills and having fun!

joao santos says:

@Peter McKinnon I can't open cr3 photos on lightroom what do I do?

eddy rubio says:

Peter you should definitely talk about the Canon EOS RP, every YouTuber has been ripping it apart for video but what do you think of it as a stills camera

ANIMUS says:

It looks like canon gave you money

Miguel Castillo says:

This is the fist time I've disliked a video from Peter, not becuase of the video but because this camera being good is bs, keep it real man. How is 60 fps better?

Kimhok FromYT says:

You’re so creative!!!!! I’m your big fannnnn!!<3

Lake County Imaging - Florida says:

Any camera is a tool we use to create. I’ve used Canon cameras for 45 years so I know they are well made useful tools. I bought a GH5 because of all the things I had heard on YouTube. I found it to be a very difficult tool to use and gave up after about 4 months of effort. I got rid of it and switched to the EOS R. I’ve not regretted it for one second. It is an easy and fun camera to use and I can rely on the focus much more so than the GH5. Get the tool that best serves your needs. Quit complaining about what it doesn’t do. I would bet the vast majority of you complaining about what it doesn’t have have never even held one, much less use it. I was extremely pleased with Canon’s efforts in producing this new system. It’s not perfect, you and I couldn’t afford the perfect camera if it could be made, at least not yet. So purchase the tool that best suits your needs, this camera is nowhere near as bad as the negative reviews will have you believe.

Sadat Nafis says:

4:40 So your kids and wife aren't your favorite things to shoot?

IBH says:

i thought i will see mecnon cool pics with this Ra..

Thomas Green says:

I can't afford this camera, even thou you got me lusting for it! Love your channel, the information is awesome!

Teofed Panes says:

yeahh. 😍.. just. yeah just give me that camera and its kit and i'll be the happiest frustrated photographer in the world 😁😍

Laurabren Photography says:

Hi Peter … Just found you on youtube … awesome revive on the EOS R … Looking forward to more great vids cheers Brenden new Aussie fan

Susanne Haas says:

5 Month ago you said you are switching. Are you still happy with the camera?

Luis Ruiz Morales says:

Greetings from Cuba When will you make a give-away with a Nikon Z7 or Z6? Hahaha. Congratulations for making great videos.

Osias Speaks says:

Peter, I have 2500 dollars and want to get a camera. I’m definitely inspired by what you do, and I want to have the best camera I can without compromising the boca, still footage, broll etc. can you suggest a camera, and lens. Mostly vlogging. I currently use a Sony a65 that’s like 5 years old. Thanks

regineerica db says:

that camera is so handy that even beginers can experiment so easily

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