Canon EOS R "One YEAR Later" REVIEW…does it hold up?

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The EOS R was announced a year ago. I wanted to take a look back at this camera and see how it holds up a year later. How are the specs compared to Nikon and Sony? Does it hold up well or not, this video will shed some light on that.

Check out my Canon EOS R Real World Review from a year ago

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Jared Polin says:

If you'd like to check out the Real World Review of the Canon EOS R from a year ago, here it is

Foppe Schut says:

i bought the Eos R because i thought it would be a useful camera for me. i do a lot of classic-music-concert photography: and every noise i make could be disturbing. BUT when i shoot in silence mode my eos-R producer most of the times horizontal lines in rooms where led light is used. So for that reason my R is not usable. Beside that for my fingers all the button are too small! I work with the d5mrk3 and the handling of that is much better for my hands and fingertips. so i am going to sell my eosR body. and consider to test the Sony A9 and find a way to use my 5 very good canon Lenses on it…. OMG what an disappointment,  PS it would be nice if you put your website in the txt so we can see what kind of wordt you delver wit your camera's

Texoma Road Trippers says:

I got my new EOS R last week, shot fantastic but THEN,,,yes then I flipped it over in to the video mode and poof, something went haywire. No more auto-focus option, couldn't even use the focus ring even though is was showing manual, f stop 00 and couldn't change it and at 24mm it had quite a bit of vignette in the corners. Cleared all settings, tried another lens. Even tried a new SD card. Finally called Canon and they said "hmm, this is a first". So they sent me a shipping label and I sent it back yesterday. Hopefully they fix it or better yet, just replace it and then tell me what it was that caused it. I'm sure it will turn out to be one of those "we don't know but it works now" things. I was using the 24-240 lens that came with it. I did like it though so hopefully it was just a bad one. We all know anything electronic from any maker is going to have a lemon every once in a while. So I'm not complaining, not yet anyway 🙂

rdm5546 says:

I have been a fan of Canon since 1991 when I abandoned Nikons that I loved. Today I am not about to abandon Canon and stop using my 5D MkIV, 7D MkII or my 70D. The are all wonderful and they all have the very same user interface. I use them each for what they good at along with 20 lenses, half are L lenses. The solution for the best combination is complicated and involves body, lens, and flashes. Recently, I bought a EOS R with only two R lenses (24-105mm, 35mm macro) and an EF adapter. My thinking was: "Sure the 5D & 7D will be used for taking what they better at. The new EOS R is good at many things and it is wonderfully smaller which is why I got the smaller, lighter lens great for traveling and carrying around." If I need more lens, for now it compatible with my EF lens I have the ring adapter adapter for using the lenses along with the EOS R for those case where I need more aperture and extreme focal lengths. The money is in the lenses when you use many lenses. Canon glass is world class and improved with new versions over the past decades. In many cases they have lenses without competitors.

Changing all the lenses is a very big deal and waiting for better mirrorless is not a big deal for me. It took a long time from the first DSLRs to get to many improvements that are in the 5D and the 7D. The EOS R is today fantastic for some things and sucks for others. It all depends on the details of the situation. That is next generations always have issues and for Canon over time their family of EF lenses today and their incredible RF lenses which are emerging will be a winners.. The photo equipment improvements are not a foot race but a marathon but the money invested is in the glass.

M Latief says:

canon eos 1dx mk 11
forget the rest

Chris Z says:

Thanks for this video Jared. I wonder what influence it will have on Canon decision makers when they've seen it.

GameProgrammer79 says:

jumped ship

Red Photographers says:

Great Video. Please Check out my Bloody Review on EOS R here:

Demitriz says:

After the new eye firmware I oughtta redo this video

sathish bad says:

which is beat eos r or 5d mark4????

Travis Marion says:

Switched to the Sony A7III, which is the best bang for your buck of all the cameras available right now.

Zachary Thayer says:

I’m waiting but holding on by a thread especially considering I do more video than photo

Brian Mckie says:

I've had the ESO-R for about 4 months now and I love it after finding the lock button which I use to lock the slide bar used for IOS setting . With a RF lens I can change every exposure setting with out taking my eye from the viewfinder. The frame is slow but I don't use it for sport much and as you have said many times workout where they are going to be then 1 or 2 shots is all you need. As for the 2nd sd card slot you upload Jpeg for back up if you need it

Stephan Winter says:

i'll go for the 1DX MKIII like IBM ZOS good old workhorse 😉

Jan Garcia says:

Nice point, but If Canon was going to kill the m mount why put it on their new camera…
They need to make good glass for the apsc line or who will buy it? It's stupid.

Just saw dp review's review video where they say the only lens that holds up to the 32mpx is the ef-m 32mm 1.4
Only one native lens is able to show the details that the new sensor can produce… Crazy

They should work with 3rd party manufacturers for their rfmount, Sony has affordable options from Samyang and Tamron

pieter van der walt says:

This video reminded me why I unjared myself from this channel a while ago . I'm not even sure if the dude does any firmware updates and since there is a major firmware update coming up that address alot of the concerns this video is sort of pointless . Then again the host of the channel would be insignificant was it not for Yourube so take it all with a grain of salt . He chose photography , if he chose cats he would be for the benefit of himself a expert in cats . So be it .

Hokgiarto Saliem says:

Still waiting EOS M200 with same sensor as EOS M6 Mark II, now with experimental IBIS and computational photography. It has cheaper and body, lower speed, but it has experimental IBIS and any Google Camera 7 can do, it can do it. All at same as M100 price. Also new EF-M 18-55 Mark II that support up to 150 mpx. After 7 years, it support STM2. Also EOS first.

[Sound of falling from bed]
Oh I just dream it…

I think I agree to move all to EF-R with same price same spec lens as EF-M and EF-S also EF, except all the other lens that don't have IS, it has IS in EF-R. Create a M200 above with EF-R kit 18-55 mm that same price. The same price is just market strategy to make people move to EF-R.


What about buying eos r now
Before waiting for the next updation

Rachel Kaparek says:

Still waiting lol

Mohneger says:

Does it hold up? Hahhaha when it came out it didnt hold.

ChrisWaldenPhotography says:

Canon didn't become the DSLR king being stupid; I suspect they are working on amazing things and have the market share to be patient. Also, this isn't just about Canon's cameras – Arri, Red, and Black Magic all make cinema camera's using EF mount systems, and all will be affected by Canon moving to a new lens system. There is no need for Canon to move quickly just to appease social media critics. They' will be fine.

Jason Paluchniak says:

I rented it for shooting golf. I hated it. My thumb kept hitting the horizontal slide guide. Changing the ISO when I didn’t want it to. Plus the view finder was distracting with the last image preview.

David Bern says:

The crippled 5Dmkiv made me jump to Sony. I’ve shot Canon for 35 years and haven’t looked back.

Tomer Weiss says:

as a 5D IV owner, i am fine with my EM1 II
M43 BODY in mirrorless … sorry RF Sony sux there – All the idea of mirrorless is versatile …

Haydn Thomas Photography says:

You say nobody would change from a 5D4 or a 1DX2, you obviously don’t follow one of the biggest video and photo guru’s on YouTube, Peter Mckinnon.
He has 4x your subscribers, and uses an Eos R, and takes his 1DX2 as backup, if he takes it at all these days!

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