Canon EOS R Mirrorless Digital Camera Review

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Is the Canon EOS R still worth it in 2020? B&H ▶︎


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a w says:

Wouldn't connecting it to the atomos ninja v sort of get around the single card slot? Very rare to here of an ssd going bad while shooting. Still an issue for photographers, but we are talking video.

ricky v says:

By far the most in depth review about this camera. From what I’ve seen and I am not impressed with it at all.

Jimmy A says:

Why would you but this camera for video? I would only buy this camera for stills

Samuel Reed says:

Cool review. I think it got a TON of bad press upon release. The grip in PHENOMENAL and I absolutely love it. I use a speed booster so the hard 1.7 4K crop is now Essentially a non factor.

On thing to add: switching between photo and video is actually incredibly easy and quick. Simply press the mode button on top followed by a tap of the INFO button and right back to a half press of the shutter button and everything switches around automatically. Sounds like a lot. It's not and after a few times doing it it becomes super fast and natural.

Svetlana says:

You are such a weirdo 😍

Longrider says:

By now there are 2 viewers, 1st one is peeps who bought it and think its the new Leica lol, everyone else who uses Nikon or Sony and thinks its a Toy 😜

pieter van der walt says:

Glad you mentioned no photography . I moved on

Amador Photography says:

Nice review !!

Keyser Reveal says:

Yeah that video to photo process would definitely frustrate me. At this price you have to assume that this camera is being used for some paid work and not having redundancy is a hard one to swallow. Great review

Vicente Schmitt says:

One card slot is what kept me away from the R.. ibis, full frame 4K, 60p are all nice to have but two cards are a must!

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