Canon EOS R Hands-on Review

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Is Canon’s full frame mirrorless camera the right camera for you?

Canon EOS R
Body only and Kit:

Canon EOS R with that massive 24-105mm lens:

Canon Drop-In Filter Mount Adapter EF-EOS R with Drop-In Variable ND Filter A:

Canon EF-EOS R Drop-In Filter Lens Mount Adapter with Circular Polarizing Filter:

Canon Control Ring Mount Adapter EF-EOS R:

Canon Mount Adapter EF-EOS R:

Blue Wednesday:

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Leo Costa says:

Please dont hit the camera on that wall LOL

Liston Mallard says:

Canon is going backwards. Look at DLA, for example…5dii has higher dla than 5div/eos r. And eos 40d has better dla than 80d. Canon newer sensors have reduced the pixel sizes, when having more megapixels. Canon cameras were a learning experience for me…one where canon will not be my first mirrorless full frame camera

Sid Art says:

Does EF lense has anything compromised on EOS R camera compared to 5D Mark4???????

Hector Ochoa says:

So in other words, don't buy.. I love Canon and I need to buy a camera but I don't like how Canon can't decide what it wants to do. Make a product that can produce what people are looking for and don't slack on it. for the same price as this I can get the 5D Mark iv.

Avalosium5.56 says:

What did you use to film this video?

adult1122 says:

Love this guy.!😂😅👍

Jan Majnik says:

I was a Canon fanboy, and I still own a c100 and 60d. BUT, a lack of 120fps and many many other features that you find on Sony, Fuji and Panasonic cameras is just bad! And then you are charging more for it! Compare this to a sony a7 iii or fuji xt-3. The images on those cameras are just so crisp, and these here look so blurry….. idk man. Also a tip. if you gonna vlog and shoot your face get a Sony camera. Will keep your face nicely in focus. 😀 I'm done with Canon. I'm buying a Sony a7 iii or wait for the a7s iii. Was a nice 15 year trip Canon but it's time to go…

Tim Sayson says:

Will gift me that EOS R Camera. Thanks

A View to the World says:

"Forgot the crop factor" LOL

Luna Wroblewski says:

Well am I the only one who isn't a part of the mirrorless craze? Like I'm sorry but none of the cameras coming out from any company seem to impress me like the DSLRs do. When I eventually upgrade, I'll stick to a DSLR hopefully they don't get replaced by these things

Present Trend Production [Telugu Channel] says:

Hi … I am looking for a dslr.
For film making can you suggest any my budget is medium

Campervan Cookout says:

Thanks for this, I’ve given up on the BMCC4k being delivered and am looking for some thing else For video I can use with my EF lenses, it seems this isnt it either.

Hiqual says:

Great vid, I’m loving mine so far

americanpriness1 says:

I like your eyeglasses. Very Nice. Great Video.

Joshua Parker says:

I was waiting for him to hit the brick wall with the camera…LOL

Grzegorz Mirosław says:

Love this camera so much!

Dr. Pavel's Snapped Neck says:

My neck hurts

Charley Pangus says:

I honestly don’t get why so many people hate on this camera. It does photo and video beautifully. Yes it looks terrible on paper, but it’s a phenomenal camera that will impress. To anyone thinking about buying the EOS R, give it a solid few weeks of real use and you won’t sell it guaranteed.

Rueben Pizarro says:

Am I the only one who was worried when Kai introduced him and was swinging the R dangerously close to that wall

The Right Honourable Jimmy says:

If one wanted to purchase a camera mostly for video but photography also, would one recommend Mark IV or EOS R? (same price btw) Also is it easier to deal with the crop factor on the EOS R?

synthesaurus says:

I don't know what kind of retards canon hires for designers. They put a on/off switch on the LEFT side! On mirrorless!

TheTopGun920 says:

No 1080p at 60fps is mindboggling

SKDK says:

Is there a reason why the mirrorless cameras are built with a different mounting system than normal dslrs? I feel like there'd be alot less hate and way more eager testers if they didn't have to buy a new set of lenses or adapters

Missis Miggins says:

How did it manage with the face detection and face tracking on all of those muslims dressed up as stealth bombers?

angelisone says:

This is a nice camera for beginners & amateurs stepping out of the Rebel.

mdezee1 says:

Just here for his crazy personality and comments

AlmostSweared says:

I love canon, and no i don't hate others. But wtf were those colors on sony?!

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