Canon EOS R Full Frame Mirrorless! Hands-on First Look

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I can’t actually believe I’m writing a description for a Canon Full Frame Mirrorless…and it’s not 2020 yet! FULL FRAME, 30mp, 4K video…but is it all that it’s cracked up to be?

Canon EOS R
Body only and Kit:

Blue Wednesday:

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Hugh G. Rection says:

Canon is the new apple

BlueFX Tamil Serial says:

Bro one camera send me

Sonic says:

Oh I have a compact mirrorless but a lens. With the same size of Apollo 13 rocket looool

Capturer u says:

Canon 650D Huhuhuhu

J C says:

Fucking accent

win2008workstation says:

Dude trying to drug chick at 7:30 but she aint having it.

Carl Bryant says:

Gift me in my birthday on april 21, please notice me 😊

GoFlo TRAVEL says:

Great video! Thanks for sharing, it helped me to buy my EOS R! Hi EOS R friends! Check the first video I did with it, I’d love to have your feedback!


i'm dying to find the right or best camera. i need a full frame 5 axis stabilize in body , 4k video recording with great auto focus, and amazing low light capability. i've been watching so many videos and i'm still lost. i came back to you because you helped me to find the right wireless mic in the Saramonic great mic so i hope you can help me here too…. thanks in advance Kai

PJ Smith says:

Canon and Nikon really fucked up by not just giving away the damn adapter! I mean really? Canon could have charged a premium for their upgraded two adapters, but why not give away the adapters?

Cat Louise says:

"focus obviously is not going to be as good as DSLR" why is that?

Elizabeth Farrell says:

Awesome. <3

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