Canon EOS M6 Mirrorless Digital Camera Review

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Canon EOS M6 Mirrorless Digital Camera Review : A Lightweight, Well-Designed Top Quality Camera

Canon EOS M6 Mirrorless is the newest in the EOS series, following in the footsteps of the M5 released last year. Canon listened to its customers, focusing on the mirrorless style, making the EOS M6 significantly smaller than its predecessor. This is accomplished by taking the EVF out and changing the position of the controls and reducing the screen size to three inches.

The EOS M6 is a small mirrorless camera that we loved using due to how small and easy to handle it is. The EOS M6 also has an adapter that makes it compatible with other Canon DSLR lenses, so you’re not limited to only mirrorless lenses. We were impressed with the noise management compared to other cameras, such as the EOS M5.

Last year’s model, the EOS M5 comes with EVF and a standard guarantee and has a price tag of 36,990 baht before the purchase of any lenses. Meanwhile, the EOS M6 with a standard guarantee but no EVF has a price tag of 29,900 baht before lenses. As you can see, the M6 is 7,000 baht cheaper, which is interesting since the LCD is pretty high quality, with no glare when taking pictures during a sunny day.

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Why the lens is only f3.5?

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In terms of low light performance, what do you think is the better mirrorless camera than M6 for vlogging? Thanks!

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Can I attach a canon 10-18mm lens on it ?


you do know that this camera was made for vlogging, right?

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music too loud and annoying. Nice view otherwise.

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Hey, can you turn-off the LCD while shooting pictures?

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