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The Canon M50 just arrived, and we couldn’t be more surprised with our findings! Is the M50 the best camera to purchase when your phone just isn’t cutting it anymore? Find out in this video!

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Kinotika says:

If you are interested in the Canon M50, then please consider buying it using our affiliate link here 👉

Truth Seeker09 says:

Well said, thanks!

Brooke Avery says:

I really want to get this camera for my YouTube channel and just in general because I want to pursue film as a career. Just a couple of questions, first Is it good at low light? And is it better than getting a larger DSLR?

Paul says:

A step up from iPhone 😆,not that good then ?

Watashi o kirawainde kudasai says:

Fujifilm Ax3 vs Canon M50?
Leave your comment guys

Raul J. Gomez says:

Love this vid. Great job you guys! Convinced me to finally upgrade from iPhone 8 Plus to the M50

Shalu Mishra says:

⚡️To anyone who’s wondering whether the M50 is for them or not, I just got it last week for my channel and let me tell you – it’s PERFECT ♥️ it’s the ultimate camera in 2018 and ofc 2019. It’s the most amazing features 🔥 to see some sample of the same, you could help to my profile and see the latest three videos. 💰I mean.. I know it’s a little expensive, especially if you’re just starting out or are still in school but it’s the best investment I’ve ever made :”)

Haris Cehic says:

Hey mate, I hope you're well! I need some help…

I am looking at either the Sony A6300 or the Canon M50. it will be my first camera and i will be using it for Vlogging, video in my room for youtube videos, recording daily activities either selfie mode or normal mode, recording activities, sporting events/me playing sport, family/social events and also taking pictures however priority will be video with photos being secondary. I have managed to come across the A6300 with the kit lens for $1090 AUD and the Canon M50 with the kit lens for $699 AUD. (offer for a short time only).

My initial worry and still is the heating of the Sony cameras, we're not able to refund the item here in AUS as we don't have the 30 day return/exchange as some stores in the US do as ive been told and heard about. So buying one is crucial. Given all that data mate and your personal experiences which should i go and which would you go personally?

4K at times would be nice but not needed on my end tbh, either all both 4K is terrible given the timing limit on Sony and the crop on Canon. Is the A6300 worth the extra 400 dollars? taking into account the need for accessories and an SD card!

Any help is greatly appreciated mate! Look forward to hearing back from you shortly.

Goodman 4525 says:

This or the D3500 if I'm stepping up from a 6 MP D40?

William Deepthinker says:

One of the major concerns on camera…. POWER! less power, less buying.

Ensian Blåfugl says:

What camera did you shoot this episode with? Thanks for the great work 💪🙏

silkiTV says:

I'm just starting to vlog (mainly travel and food!) and been so confused between the G7 Mark 2 or M50! Thanks for the review 🙂

RAN D says:

I'm a car reviewer and things to do in Los Angeles enthusiastic. You may have just sold me on my first Canon! Thanks for the detailed video!

Whitney Lane says:

Great review! I think you sold me

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