Canon EOS M50 Hands-On Field Test

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Canon’s mirrorless offerings have struggled to gain an audience, but the recent M5 was a huge step in the right direction. Now Canon have released the EOS M50, a scaled back, more user friendly camera that also offers 4K video and eye detect for the first time in the M series. This episode, Chris Niccolls takes the EOS M50 to the Sunnyside neighbourhood in Calgary to see how this new camera stacks up!

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Shot and edited by Jordan Drake
Shot on the Panasonic GH5


Rahul's Journey says:

Nice content. Tell me Which camera use this video ?

cashino says:

I appreciate the very honest review~

Mohamed Mourad says:

Thanks for your review,
Im planning to buy this camera.
Which lenses are the most recommended? Gonna start Youtube channel plus i have instagram fashion page which im taking flatlays for and maybe som modells. I did research about
EF m15-45
EF m 22
EF m 11-22
EF m 32
EF m 50-200

I have a budget of 2500 dollar but not sure about how many lenses m gonna need or is it better you use speed shutter with other Efs lenses?

Naga Manickam says:

Now the price point of M50 is way reduced… Sony lenses too costly.. don't just see the camera price

Ricardo Diaz says:

so, comparing the M50 to other mirrorless cameras like Sony and panasonic (minute 13:28) … what do you recommend to get at the same price point?

Ralph T says:

This is an great review. Calling it like it is. Fanboy will get triggered but not the ones looking for the right camera. Good information. Thanks.

Brad W. Simpson says:

I've watched a lot of reviews on various cameras lately, and I'm left wondering how all these reviewers can afford so many expensive cameras, not to mention a large variety of lenses that go with them. They all speak as though they collect high-dollar cameras as if they were Happy Meal toys.

fractal_force says:

Canon m50 is a great camera for most users and most people are not going to get it to shoot 4k. It produces great image and it's small and you can easily adapt it to the huge market of ef and ef-s lens which is probably one of the biggest strength.

Julia Nguyen says:

This guy likes the sound of his own voice… Wasted my time watching this

Harter Made says:

I wanted to try my hand at video but my Nikon DSLRs weren't properly equipped. I saw this camera and fell in love with its price point and the fact that the Z6 & 7 are a tad pricey and weren't out yet. I didn't want to invest in a whole other system, but thought hey lets give it a shot. 2 months later I still am really impressed with this little thing. Yes there are some drawbacks but I knew that going into it. I like it for the reasons I bought it. I even liked it so much I bought an M5 as a secondary to use in tandem for filming.

紫雨老师谈吸引力法则 says:

2019-1-31 首次阅览

mikecar52 says:

Feels cheap? It is!

texas thunder says:

This is 100% prove you don't drink soy milk!!!!

Lucifer911 says:

Can you do a review on Panasonic gh5 this footage on this video is pristine lol

JM Luab says:


Peter Dixon Music & Media says:

How are you re riding your audio?

Kosmos Muhamedov says:

hello, my friend) what is the better choice for photo and some time vlogging M5 or M50???

hernjuku says:

hi, is this camera capable of photographing the northern lights?

Toasty Hoodie says:

Been considering this between the T7i. Leaning more towards the T7i though

noor hasan bappi says:

I'm very concerned about this as this doesn't have weather sealing. Where I live humidity and dust is an issue.
Do you recommend is as a beginning camera?

Muhammed Shabeeb says:

I love sony a6000…My dream is buy sony a6000

Anthony Papa says:

If I were to go entry level would you recommend to M50 or the SL2? Thanks

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