Canon EOS M200 Unboxing and Initial Impressions! MONSTER Budget Video Camera?!

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Today we’re unboxing the brand new Canon EOS M200. This promises to be an upgrade to an older line in the M100 and has a few upgrades that bring it up to speed with some of the other 2019 Canon Mirrorless and DSLR Cameras.

And being able to pick it up for $550 with a kit lens that definitely puts it in the more affordable options.

But is it any good?

Lets find out!

Canon M200

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Main Lens

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Coalition Gaming says:

The camera mic outside did a little better than i expected it to

Joey Weber says:

Can you review the Fuji X-A7?

Peteyabit says:

wow same sensor same hardware m50 software upgrade you could literally do to the m100. I wonder if you could rip the 4k software and digital is off this and put it on the m100 by hacking

Nemon says:

Can you make a review on Nikon Z50 and Olympus omd em5 mark III ?
Ty for your work dude.

Antonio Checa says:

Peak Design Straps here!

How 2 Do It says:

I always use the strap on my M50 . I drop things a lot…..

Dan Soderholm says:

That doesn’t seem too bad for the kit lens and built in audio. You have to admit that there was worse things out there. Can’t wait to see more

william laroche says:

I use the strap that came with my camera. I do street photography and i like to not have to hold my camera all the time.

KilleRaVeN51 says:

I only have a Lumix G7 but the strap it came with is horrible. Anyone know of a fairly cheap but good camera strap?

Tammy Sypniewski says:

Oh look an M50 dressed up as another camera for Halloween again.

Dylan Baer says:

You should review the Z Cam E2C!

KilleRaVeN51 says:

One of my favorite YT channels 🙏

Mark Forrest says:

I use a strap on

The Tony Cam says:

Man why would you not used a strap? You decrease the chance of dropping it by a lot.

The Winthorpe Burke Podcast says:

Thank you for another awesome video!!!

Harley RUIZ says:

I always use an after market strap, the OEM are always not my thing.

Lockie says:

Is it me? Or is the on camera audio better than the M100 audio this is replacing?

Baby Chris says:

SO DISAPPOINTING it doesn't have mic input … Hmmm audio wise it's awful without microphone

jaliyah sutton says:

Do you think I need to upgrade from my canon m100 to the m200

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