Canon EOS M200 review: best BUDGET mirrorless for beginners!

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In-depth review of Canon’s new budget mirrorless, the M200!
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00:49 – Controls, screen, battery, ports
04:13 – autofocus and burst shooting
05:08 – movie mode, vlogging
12:35 – sensor, lenses and photo quality
15:07 – final verdict


Gordon Laing says:

In-depth review of Canon's new budget mirrorless, the M200!
Check prices at B&H:
Buy Gordon a coffee:
Gordon's In Camera book at Amazon: / Amazon uk:
Like Cameralabs? Get the T-Shirt:
00:49 – Controls, screen, battery, ports
04:13 – autofocus and burst shooting
05:08 – movie mode, vlogging
12:35 – sensor, lenses and photo quality
15:07 – final verdict

Steve Klassik says:

Battery charge with a powerbank ?

Игорь Жиляев says:

I have Fujifilm XA-5 and it seems much better for than this one. And it's look almost the same (but I can use Flash on my fuji). The price is the same.

Oh, and as a amateur I can buy lens which I would be able to use on more expensive camera.

Upd. But Canon have better soft for their products as I hope.

lboymusic says:

No mic input… crap!

Alphadan says:

“Background blur”? Lol we are dumbing everything down. Why use “choose aperture” anymore?

Lakshman s says:

@4:01 Made in China but has the Bureau of Indian Standards website on it? Quite amusing. Not sure why that's on it in the first place :O

Okaro X says:

The best thing this adds is the AWB-W white balance. This means the automatic white balance produces neutral colors even in artificial light. M50 has also it.

Senthil Kumar says:

Where is the evf? it looks like point and shoot camera. What megapixels the sensor is? What type of sensor it is?

Daniel Saavedra says:

I wonder if it has bracketing

Sankalp Mohanty says:

Sony a6000 vs Canon m50?

paulbeckmann says:

Great review as always! Thank you!

Lau Bjerno says:

In the stores in my Country the M50 is right now less expensive than the M200.

J Bello says:

Wow this could be an addition to my photography gear or an "on the go" camera

Gung Krisna says:

an beginner-and-kids-friendly mirrorless

Wave Dancer says:

Hahaha! Best mirrorlesses are Fujifilms!

John Smith says:

imo, far better than g7x iii

Rivo Dandy says:

no Jack audio.. auto skip..

em.mauf says:


Marsel Zilyaev says:

Wneh it should be released?

Mister B says:

Thanks Gordon, so it’s an m100 software update which adds 4K. Still 1080 60fps is 10 minutes, I hoped this was solved as the m100 tempt to overheat after shooting a while in 60fps.
Having the m100, not going for the update as it’s my 2nd camera, thanks for the great review 🙏🏻👍🏻

Irondiver says:

When you mentioned the price, I perked up. But when you mentioned no headphone jack no way. The 100 is awesome little camera and with the hack, it became my go to for hd filming. This is disappointing . Thanks for info, good video as usual.

Aoi Kemono says:

The optical stabilization with the kit lens plus the standard electronic stabilization gives basically no stabilization at all in video. The 4k is basically useless for vlogging with the crop and questionable for anything else with the contrast only focus where the deficiencies are amplified with a larger apsc sensor and narrow depth of field. So you gain basically nothing over the M100 besides a record button on the touchscreen in selfie mode? They could have just upgraded the firmware on the M100 for that extra added "feature". This is as cynical of a product as it gets. It's like they had a bunch of leftover M50 digic 8 processors and needed to offload them into SOMETHING. I would go G7X II instead which is actually pocketable or jump up to the M6 II. Slow lens + weak stabilization + last-gen canon apsc sensor (the weakest of all the apsc sensors in iso performance and dynamic range) makes it inferior to even a pocketable 1" like the G7X II with a fast lens and useful zoom range. And that stabilization on the 1" makes or breaks the whole vlogging thing. Don't even bother with the M200 and if you must, ebay an M100 since its basically the same exact thing.

Grayish Man says:

Not too bad. I’m not sure this is a better option than my M50, but for a super small mirrorless I can see this doing ok.

French Fries says:

I think m50 is a better buy.

Mike Whiles says:

Ok, it's not meant for me but Canon could sell a boatload of these as some phone snappers migrate to a 'real camera'. Make no mistake Canon are market leaders and are serious about their mirror less cameras , not that they make mistakes or miss tricks. Come on Canon give us some extra lens options. 😎😎😎

DIY Astro says:

The thing I like the most about the M200 is the knock on effect it's had on M100 prices. You can get the M100 with kit lens for £329, or with two lenses for £399!

Achilleas Labrou says:

Since 2002 has introduced only 8 EF-M lenses. Just three of them are prime and only one is really bright. Canon isn't really enthusiastic with EOS-M cameras and lenses but still support them. Canon is focused in RF mount. In less than two years Canon has introduced 8 RF-mount lenses and much more are coming soon.
Panasonic and Olympus micro 4/3 mount was introduced in in 2008, Sony e-mount in 2010, Samsung NX mount in 2010, Nikon 1-mount in 2011, Pentax Q mount in 2011 and Canon EF-M mount was introduced in 2012. Canon was very hesitant and the last to join the mirrorless technology. I don't see a bright future of EF-M cameras and lenses. Canon is focused more in the new RF mount.
Probably in a few years the EF-M mount will have the destiny of NX mount, 1-mount and Q mount.
It would be more wise for Canon to introduce APS-C RF mount cameras like Nikon with Z mount.

Error 42 says:

There's still no rubber grip on the front which is a shame. The M100 isn't comfortable to hold, always feels like it will slip out of your hand. Just a bit of rubber like on the G7X is all it would have taken.
I still find it a good camera for videoing over a bench though and for the price it's good. The touch focus controls are very useful and I couldn't do without them and that's coming from someone who doesn't particularly like touch screen operated devices.

iyn1911 says:

Thanks Gordon. Is black coffee ok?

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