Canon EOS M100 Review and Video Test

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Canon EOS M100 Mirrorless Camera Review and Video Test
Link to Canon EOS M100:
Canon EOS M100 Lenses:
EOS M100 Lens Adapter:
Sony A5100:

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Andrew Lacomme says:


kirstyfriend says:

can it be used as a webcam?

Mark Bonikowsky says:

Can you charge it via the USB?

Pankaj Khetarpal says:

Nice review. I currently have Nikon D700 with 18-200 VR II, and some other lenses. For my next family trip to Italy, looking for something smaller and more importantly looking for a camera that makes it easier to move images to my cell phone for social media uploads. What would you recommend as a substitute for my Nikon D7000 ?

๖ۣۜǤнσsτ༻ says:

I was about to buy the sony camera but when i saw this review i was impressed

Carmilla Laura says:

With the M mount adapter can i use and other lenses?? I mean cheaper lenses that u can find online

Mikayla Longmire says:

How would you compare this to the Panasonic g7

VAOutdoorsman says:

Does it auto focus while shooting video without having to use the shutter button, or any button at all? I’m looking for hands free auto focus while recording video. Thank you!

Majs Korv says:

This camera is just perfect for most pf my everyday needs! However i hope that Canon is going to upgrade us with higher bitrate on that 1080p 60 since image looks unacceptable. Whole range of compression artifacts. I don't get why they did that.

ailishh says:

Does it have an external mic input? Also great review, found this very helpful! 🙂

Christiano Pires says:

can load picture style?

Nasukha Soewardi says:

Sub done guys
And review coll

GINA says:

Most amazing review I have ever seen

Manash Ray says:

Canon M100 or Nikon d3500 which one is the best?

Lartick says:

Can i change the lents on this camera?

Asia Jamille says:

My video doesn’t look like that 🙁 the video quality looks kinda pixel and the lighting looks low. Is there anyway i can make the camera quality better?

Irish G says:

Great review!

Josh Alex mua says:

He do I connect my canon m100 to my laptop because it doesn’t give me the option or have the computer inco like it does the tv and phone option

Nisha burk says:

What camera are you filming this video on ?

Rich Dove says:

Can put a microphone?

Josh Alex mua says:

How long can it record for ? With and without the memory card?

Kaelin's Corner says:

This was the most helpful video I've seen! Thank you so much!
I really want this camera for my channel.

The Sewing Swan says:

thank you. that was helpful

Chris T says:

Who knows which one is better this one or Nikon d3400?

JGrace Fam says:

Nice one. But please can you explain what you mean by "it's still not shooting 4k video" ? What does it mean?

Timothy Samontanes says:

is that portrait ?
what is the mode?
what is auto?

michael barnes says:

great review , big farmer says all it below , thank you.

Philip Regis says:

thank you for video! you have a great review style! keep up the work man

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