CANON EOS M100 REVIEW: A pared back, entry-level mirrorless camera

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Richard gives his thoughts on the Canon EOS M100. It’s an entry level mirrorless camera, designed for those who are stepping up from simply using a smartphone. However, it has the same 24.2-million-pixel APS-C sensor as many of Canon cameras, and with that brings the speedy Dual Pixel AF system.

Gear in this video:
Canon EOS M100 with 15-45mm f3.5-63 IS STM lens ($100 off for Cyber week)

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Denden Reyes says:

Hi, can you help me to have canon eos m100? I really really like it. 😔

Deyvson Moutinho Caliman says:

It's the cheapest dual pixel focus one can get.

Alex Curioso says:

Entry level? I´m a photographer and I´m fed up of carrying heavy and bulky cameras. Just want a small and light camera I can carry all day like a smartphone, so when I see something I really want to take a picture, I´ll have the camera with me and not in a big bag at home.

Adolfo Barreto says:

You are particular, I would not go as far as funny. I enjoyed your review. Thank You!

Brandon Navarro says:

Look if you want a bunch of pro features and buttons and Diles then get a different camera. This camera is either for A the beginner or B an experienced photographer that is going for a minimalist approach. This is a wonderful travel camera if you need to be light.

Deevog says:

What is best mirror less cameras give 3 names plz

Majs Korv says:

I really love form factor on this one. Only downside is that 60p footage is too compressed. Does it have timelaps?

J says:

I have been checking out the M3 videos a lot lately and find they can look really amazing. Can you give me your opinion if I should buy the M100 new or get a used M3 for less? I was thinking more about having a guarantee on a new camera for video shooting rather than not on a used M3. do you think there would be much of a difference in video quality between these 2. also does the M100 have all the usual manual settings so you can use cinestyle and color grading afterward. Thanks

The Begg Family Antics says:

Does it have image stabilisation on video? I’m following a YouTube channel using one and the video is extremely wobbly when they’re moving.

Viperus says:

This is a really good review.

Catherine RodaRoda says:

All canon camera plastic feeling

jay fizzle says:

No hot shoe, no grip, cheap plastic build,lack of manual controls but great internals thanks but I'll pass. I'm looking for a good Canon mirrorless and this is not it maybe the M3 or M6. Thanks for this amazing informative review you saved me from going out and making a big regretful purchase even it's onsale now I'll still pass..great job.

Walhalla Dome says:

Don't compare it to a digital SLR, for what the camera is made for it is quite good.

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