Canon EOS M review

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The EOS M is Canon’s first compact system camera. It features the same Digic 5 processing engine and 18MP APS-C format sensor as the Canon EOS 650D.

Here Angela Nicholson take a look at what it has to offer


Paul Kepner says:

If you have the first original Canon EOS-M camera and enjoy shooting video with it please feel free to join this Facebook group I created. Let's show off what these little beasts are capable of!

Ardian Naufal says:

Pocket or mirorrles?

CrossChannelFairy says:

Another camera with no viewfinder or folding screen – yuk!

breathLP says:

you can attach a viewfinder on the hot shoe mount but who wants electronic viewfinders anyway?

Pepe Le Pew says:

Its like a Holga, i love it for its limitations

Roman Mikhaylov says:

looks working too slow – even switch between Av Tv – toooo slow

TheApp9 says:

I would not recommend this camera for video. Photos are nice but the video quality is very low. Compared to a Sony NEX-7 the video footage is not sharp enough and shows less details as the Sony. In low light situation you see with the EOS M much more distortion. So as someone who thought, this might be a good and cheap option for filming, I am not satisfied. Even the sound recording with an external Rode Videomic Pro is so noisy, that I have to buy an external recorder.

marcandsebe says:

That will be on my list the Needglory. I now have the Eos M mk2 too.

Daniel P says:

OK… so EF-S etc. lenses can be attached to the 'M'. But can the 'M' lenses be attached to, say, a EOS50D? That would be nice.

By the way, an M2 is due supposedly in Dec 2014. I even ran across some article mentioning an M3.


2 years later, it's now in the mid 300 to early 400 price range. 🙂


marcandsebe says:

I have all 3 lenses for this camera. The 22mm, 18-55mm and 11-22mm. They all take very good shots. Someone mentioned about the long/large lenses and why would you put them on it. The same could be said for a normal size DSLR. It's just handy having different size lenses on a small and compact camera.

marcandsebe says:

I don't see how people can give you the thumbs down on your review. It was really useful. I did buy one and and as liked it, I decided to import the Eos M2 from japan. This has much faster focusing and built in a WiFi plus some other improvements. The EF lenses now work much better with this camera.

rtrain67 says:

I purchased a used one with 22mm lense for $250 on CL.  I took it on vacation with my $1,500 70D and after comparing a few photos I left the 70D at the hotel and only used the EOS M.   Don't get me wrong, the 70D is a fantastic camera but it was just too bulky. I have since sold the 70D an I plan to buy a Panasonic GM1 or GX7.

vdxko says:

This is really a cool camera! Superb image quality, portability, same menu as my DSLR, same lenses (not that I change the 22/2 too often :)). My 5DII catches dust since I got my EOS-M. I only use the 5D for commercial shooting now.

Pratul Gupta says:

The focus speed is horrible, it is slower than my 10 year old Olympus camera !!

KutWrite says:

Nice review, thanks!

I bought one with the 18-55 for about US$330.

I don't understand the "no grip" problem. I hold all cameras mainly balancing with their lens in my left hand. My right hand operates the controls. No problemo!

Oh, and when needed, I use a Hoodman Loupe to make the LCD into a viewfinder.

geoffphuket says:

I've just bought a new EOS-M with kit 18-55 lens for the equivalent of £197. It's now no-more expensive than a 'shirt pocket' point 'n' shoot 🙂|en&tbb=1&ie=UTF-8

bradleydad says:

"I think all cameras no viewfinder it just for woman shoot."??? Why you sexist pig!

liled246 says:

what I want to know is which camera is being used to shoot this review? any ideas anyone?

Waifu Trump says:

Why would you buy a camera that small and put a lens that big on it?!

I bought the SL1/100D and put the 40mm f/2.8 pancake on it…

van says:

tell u the truth , all camera no viewfinder is suck ,even leica. the liveview take too much power from the batt , the batt not last long for all day long shoot, second stupid thing is when shoot in sunny day , u can not see what u shoot. I think all cameras no viewfinder it just for woman shoot.

Steven Rix says:

I bought this camera because of its price, for $300 with a lens i did not hesitate at all. This camera is only good for still photography, moving subjects are blurry most of the time even with an adequate speed. Pictures are great, videos are good too, but only 30 fps in 1080p. I also bought the lens adapter which is absolutely needed if you need more options with your glass. Overall, it's a good camera, but it won't compete with low end DSLRs.

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