Canon EOS 90D vs EOS 80D Comparison Review

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Professional lifestyle and wedding photographer Gemma Peanut takes a look at the upgraded shooting features of the all new EOS 90D. Whether you’re thinking of upgrading from the trusty EOS 80D or entering the world of DSLR photography for the first time, this hands-on comparison review breaks down the new key features and upgrades that make the new EOS 90D stand out from the pack.

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Astro1645 says:

In short, if you already have an 80D, the 90D doesn't offer much more, upgrades are there but are incremental. However if you are buying a camera and don't already have an 80D, get the 90D. If you have an 80D, the 90D doesn't offer much more and is probably not worth a new purchase. Also, Canon is going to the new RF lens format so consider if you want to continue to invest in any more EF based cameras and lenses.

pduffy4 says:

Peanut? Really? Sounds nuts 😀

Jorge Ferreira says:

Well, I am always impressed by Canon products…the only main upgrade in my view on the 90d versus my 80d is the video function which is now 4k, but I am still satisfied with the video performance of my 80d so I will skip the upgrade. I will spend my hard cash on a lens instead for my 80D 🙂

Keith A. says:

Let's summarize the comparison:
* 90D is lighter than my 80D (we don't know how much)
* 90D grip feels different than my 80D (again, we don't know how much)
*90D also has 45 AF points, same as my 80D
* 90D has a thumb joystick in place of the quick menu button on my 80D. 🤔 Is that worth the hassle of trading "up"? #tough #decisions

Saleh_ hma says:

nice review, thanks alot.

John Bushell says:

That Peanut voice is as smooth as Butter…………

Randi says:

Thank you for this neat overview and it persuaded me into buying th 90D. I always wanted a Canon camera. It will be the first high end camera.

Algirdas Stasiukaitis says:

Long time ago I'am used Canon EOS 1200D Nikon D 3200 Last month I bought this Canon EOS 90D still very nice Camera❤ and better than to Canon EOS 70D or Canon EOS 80Dor Canon EOS 5D Mark IV.

jesoby says:

Focus bracketing is new in the 90D (and EOS RP), a useful feature for macro photographers.

Jovani Lourenço says:

Muito bom tmj

PerfectTangent says:

What do you mean the 90D has "much more" AF points? It's the exact same as the 80D. Isn't that misleading?

Anyways, to actually give some useful information to you potential buyers, the 90D outguns and improves upon basically every aspect in the PHOTOGRAPHY department over the 80D, but FLOPS HARD in the VIDEO department. While stepping up to 4k video is good (but expected in this day and age), the unexplainable and inexcusable inability to shoot at 24 fps ruins the professional usability of this camera. You will be a joke if you roll up to any kind of video shoot other than straight interviews without 24 fps.

Also, for some reason, when snapping photos at ISO 4000+, the 80D seems to have image quality with less loss to noise. Very strange, as the 90D's biggest strength is its greatly increased megapixel count.

Nicolaus Uhlmann says:

Thank you ! Great presentation! Ms.Peanut you are one of my favorite presenters! You make it seem so easy! 🤗

Ota's Photography & Tours says:

Where is the comparison?

Mozzman says:

Want to hear a joke? Canon trying to be the new Apple. Brings out new camera with minor upgrades and increases the price by 25%


i want it in india …

Chetra Thea says:

Really love

Symon Says TV says:

Let's not forget that it doesn't shoot 24P. It's like Canon saying; F.U. moviemakers.
And it doesn't have built in image stabilization. It's like Filmmakers saying; Welcome to 2014 Canon!
This camera is a lunch bag let down.

SintaSun says:

What about e-shutter without noise?

Christopher Pack Art says:

I think this probably more than any will force people to other brands, and I currently have the 80D.

Scott Smith says:

I want to say 3 words:buy buy buy

Sudip Bholon says:

which lens are you using for 90D?

Chris Z. says:

Duh… so what's the advantages over 80D besides 11 fps?

D Desai says:

Why Canon is not allowing to mount M6 mark II external EVF on D90…this way D90 will became all in one hybrid camera.

Tom Donaghy says:

Owned the 90D for one day, did a shoot out with my old 60D, will be returning the 90D Monday.

Same lenses, ISO, same subject: the 90D images are fuzzy, soft, jpegs or Raws. Terrible contrast. Identical settings!

What happened with this new sensor?

Ti Lav says:

Why not 65 points!

Dan C says:

Everyone is so negative in the comment section. why?
The 90D is an awesome camera.
And if you don't like the video, go watch something else. See how easy that is?

Dice Gamble says:

How can Canon do their own Review?
1. More cinematic without 24p?
2. Are you saying the Joystick is not on any other double-digit series model?

tom k d says:

Sorry, but 'cinematic' is 24p, which the 90D is not capable to shoot at for unknown reason… – further more: still no c-log, no more higher bitrate all-i codec, which even the 80D suported… – btw: beautiful footage – i assume this was shot on a 90D 😉 ?

Ravi Pratap says:

80d beats 90d in color reproduction in pictures, 80d has best natural colors whereas digic 8 colors looks artificial or distorted

Damiano Marchi says:

90D vs 6d mkII ????

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