Canon EOS 90D VS Canon EOS R | Quick Camera comparison

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AugmentedGravity says:

Well these numbers don't exactly tell yhe full story

dwayne carter says:

Ummm…….you forgot price ??

Halloween Kid says:

I’m trying to decide which camera should I use for vlogging but I can’t decide which one they both seem like really good cameras. Someone help me pls

Nick Figueroa says:

Actually the canon EOS R shoots at 120 fps at 1280x720p that’s not FHD, but it does shoot 60fps at FHD Now the EOS 90D I am not sure, but I doubt it shoots 120 fps in FHD given that when it first came out, it didn’t even have 4K at all till they upgraded it with a firmware update, so yeah I don’t think your video is correct, if anything the EOS R might get the 120p in FHD in a firmware update since it already came with 4K at 30p and it would make more sense since it shoots in C-log, that right there is more of a video camera than the 90d and it’s more expensive. I would think it would have 1st priority over the 90D to get the 120p in FHD.

Tanveer Khan says:

How is the best camera

Kwento ni Taba says:

I like the graphic design, keep it up.

Patato says:

Canon Eos r only has 60fps in FHD

xavieremond says:

I have both. Both are awesome. Very good cameras

DER PRiNZ Photography - Michael Oeser says:

Not soooo exiting to watch but technically awesome done. The handdrawn style is superb.

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