Canon EOS 80D Review

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The EOS 80D is an APS-C DSLR with a 24.2MP sensor by Canon and the successor of the popular 70D. Moritz from Fenchel & Janisch takes a closer look at the video features like the 60 frames per second slow motion recording in 1080p, the Dual Pixel CMOS auto focus, the timelapse mode, the noise and ISO performance in low light and other features and settings. How good does it compare to the 70D and can the video mode hold up with similar cameras on the market?

Written review with additional videos:

High resolution photos taken with the EOS 80D:

EOS 70D review:

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Marcel Fenchel and Moritz Janisch are a team of filmmakers based in Frankfurt, Germany.
Their film production company, Fenchel & Janisch, produces commercials and corporate videos for a broad variety of companies from different branches.
Since the start of the DSLR revolution their goal is to provide interesting and straight to the point filmmaking and editing tutorials for beginners and advanced film enthusiasts from all over the world.
Besides famous tutorials like “The ultimate Introduction to DSLR Filmmaking” or “How to get the Filmlook” that both got over 1 Million views on YouTube, Fenchel & Janisch also share technical gear reviews, short films and behind the scenes videos. The documentary “Format Frankfurt” was entirely shot with HD DSLRs over a period of three years. The full-length film premiered in May 2014 in German cinemas and is available on video on demand:

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Ishan Agarwal says:


RiSE TV says:

Just recently had my Canon t7i stolen and now I am in search for a new dslr having a good feeling about the Eos 80d thanks for making this review 👍

My Daddy says:

I'm disappointed with the quality of the Images and Videos of this camera. My personal Opinion

Mr Carrot says:

Hi Fenchel&Janisch was ist die Hintergrund musik vom anfang des Videos LG

User0815 says:

Dieser Deutsche Akzent den hört man Meilenweit. Als ich den Römer dann sah wars klar. Da kann man sich bemühen wie man will. Sät is impossibel.

A M says:

6:30 Hold on. doesn't the 80D support internal intervalometer that can surpass the time-lapse limitations?

santanu talkies says:

your this video published my bloggs. pls mail me this id [email protected]

Sudipto Chakma says:

I don't know why your voice is always cinematic


I have Canon 80d Very good cemera .

Toan Trinh says:

thanks for review, very clear and straight. I need 1 camera for youtube video with microphone support and flip screen for selfie. do you have any suggest which one is best
. thanks so much

محمدرضا محمدیانی says:

thank you , for good video

akmal khan says:

How much this camera

Saúl Miranda says:

Great video, thank you very much!

radha krishnan says:

Nice review which is centralized !

Pooya Delfani says:

what's the name of the openning music?

Desmond Albert says:

Hi Thank for sharing, Question? Is the 80D full frame?

Abraham Khan says:

Canon 80d lens model

RJ Ahsan says:

Canon EOS 80D Camera Lowest Price On Amazon

For Buy 👉👉

Akbar Omar says:

Is this latest camera

vijctoria says:

THank you very much for your user-friendly and plain simple explanation and comprehensive, demo GOD BLESS you Tremendously !

Daniel Vazquez says:

@ 15:08 on.., that the way a REAL TEACHER talks!!! I love the way that you clearly explain it there at the very end.
Great video man! Keep them coming… which I know you would🍻.

Rock the mistry photographer says:

Is it any issue that this camera has Lower iso cooperatively

Marc G says:

great video thank you

Felix Soto says:

Couldn't care less about VIDEO.. Buy a video recorder if you want to make movies. I ONLY care about photographs. This is why you buy a DSLR.

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