Canon EOS 70D vs Canon 7D Camera Comparison Video

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Canon EOS 70D vs Canon 7D Camera Comparison Video

Please note that at the time of filming this video review samples of the 70D are NOT available. Therefore this video only discusses the features. It was not possible to discuss any performance or image quality differences. We’ll do this at a later date when we have reviewed the 70D fully.


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jetblakink says:

70d for video, face-detection and focus-tracking. 70d for general street photography, it being smaller and lighter. 7d for commercial photography, reportage or when you need to impress clients. 7d for sports or wildlife or anything where you need to be out in extreme weather conditions it being more rugged.

Craig Greenslade says:

Here's a challenge.  Down a shot every time this guy says "actually".

thetruth says:

This is a bulshit review they are not saying anything 7D is pro grade say no more.

Brian Auer says:

ok so which has better video?…All I heard wS PSHHHHHPSHHHHH WHISHHHHWHISH…AND SOME SOFT SPOKEN ACCENT. …lol

Paul Harding says:

Lousy audio with the background noise and the soft spoken Canon guy.
Cant hear him.

steven tou says:

Comparison Video????    no sample video how to compare

Kirisaki Chitoge says:

Apikan 70d kedeleng mencerenge , jelas layare gah huh bagus

Walter Goodie says:

Can you do a review of the alpha A 77 II from Sony. I am very interested in the SLT technology.

BravingTheOutDoors says:

The audio is just crap
Can't watch this video

GellBell says:

хуета, а не сравнение

Roger Chan says:

You guys should also do a video on why audio equipment is important for dslr videos….

Ryecon Productions says:

I still use my 60d for film and it blows me away

Brian Conover says:

Your audio quality in this video is POO POO !

jeejay98 says:

I had both 7D and 70D last December. Sold the 70D for the reason that I do not shoot video with my DSLR. I am just doing stills. The 7D still hold it's glory even it is about 5 years old and at 130K shots. The only repair or modification I did was the dial mode lock upgrade. 

I am not bashing the 70D but I have no use for it on stills that make me want to get rid of the 7D. On my experience 1 stop up of ISO is not a big improvement specially on a controlled lighting situation.

randomrazr says:

7D was rteleased in 2009, spec wise, the 70D is superior

pascal movsessian says:

dear all  i am a camera man i have a sony z1 i want to buy canon 70d   the 70d is beter then z1 in low light ?     the 70d is good if i want to film 1h non stop?     the 70d in photo mode i can have a good quality like 7d ?

Sourish Nath says:

hate that hissing sound in this video 🙁 

Adi Musa says:

Man behind the EOS

Quatro PRO says:

I need a help. I want to do music video clip, which is the best camera canon 7 d or canon 70 d?

Jennifer P. says:

nice idea to record outside BUT sometimes it is hard to understand what you say because of the noises around you ( i am not a native speaker )

Jiggo Jig WeddingCoveage says:

Just bought a 70d a few days ago… Both for stills and video purposes… I found it more practical and easy to use than the 7d… Also, (not sure about it), I've heard that 7d is prone to temperature shut down when in video shooting… Don't know if its true, just really didn't like it.

Mihai P says:

Am I the only one who finds the guy in white really annoying saying "actually"  every 4-5 seconds?

Liam Podmore says:

At the moment, i'd get the 70D, but i'm just going to wait till next year and get the 7D MkII when it comes out.

Dr. Pavel's Snapped Neck says:

Don't think about it, Just get the 70D! 

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