Canon EOS 50D Review by What Digital Camera

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Canon 50d Review

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Yonathan Zarkovian says:

Just stick to your current "system", whether it's Nikon or Canon, unless you have absolutely zero lenses, flashes, remotes and stuff…

GeorGe Patashuri says:

50D the best. t2i vs 50D 50D is must best class

Trucker BY says:


Dipu Rai says:

which would you recommend, the canon 50d or nikon d90 for and upgrade???I can't afford the newer model right now so I am looking between these two please recommend with some reasons?

DaveMcIroy says:

How old was the camera here? The word SET on the Set-Button is gone. ^^

Darryn Waugh says:

No video recording with the 50D sorry. It takes very images though once you master it.

Darryn Waugh says:

Either 60D of 7D. Both take great images and HD video.

Nukem says:

@trebolab does the 50d have video recording?

Khalid Almasoud says:

Perfect camera ,i have one

ddnn3 says:

@litzywatsonujxf TROLL

MrBenio999 says:

he doesnt like the camera, its obvious

robby firli says:

@zarulariff1 you dimbo! D300s is not full frame

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