Canon EOS 40 D camera review by What Digital Camera magazine

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Canon EOS 40 D digital camera review by What Digital Camera magazine

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Al Green - Light Through Glass says:

Cutting edge

John Nevin says:

40D Still a great bit of kit but get a good Lens

xs2ahmed says:

2011 and I've upgraded from 20D to 40D, 60D felt like cheap plastic 🙂

First Warrior says:

I enjoyed watching your video. I also subscribed so I can watch more. Please be sure to subscribe to mine as well.

lillskiten1337 says:

well when i get the camera should i format the memory card emediatly?

Teun Dilles says:

You're welcome, although success is not guaranteed. If you've not used the card after the format, you should be able to get most, if not all, data back. If you've already shot some pictures with it, chances are that you've really wiped the original data. Fingers crossed. I like the freeware utility pc inspector to recover lost data, but others might do the job just as well.

Teun Dilles says:

yes, search google for recovery software.

Steve says:

This is a fantastic camera.


i am saving for a 40d or 50d

after watching all these videos im thinking the 40d is better because you can save the 310 bucks for better glass everyone has said get L series beacuse there the best

artfulH says:

I bought a 40 D today, pleased so far! Just going through initial stuff.
Word of warning – Though the shop I bought it in had some models left other shops didn't have it because this model is no longer in production!
I suggest you be quick if you want this model!

Witold Rewiako says:

Its to TheBlackTurd

Witold Rewiako says:

You say what you feel but tests in labs shows that EOS-40 D got better performance in some parameters its even close to Nikon D300 so i would put it in higher class also there are more good lenses for it , i saw youre using medium class lesnes on yr vid if your bro do the same you can have a low idea about potencial of this photo camera (VGA LCD,HD videosmaybe you like it but EOS 40 d is semi pro camera and pros dont use such gadgets the most imprortant is quality of pictures )

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