Canon EOS 20D VS Canon EOS 40D DSLR Camera Comparison

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DvaKuma says:

Im buying a 40d. I know its old but if i buy any lens will it fit?

B Lou evil Cousin says:

Can these video record

Azad Zia says:

Good job my dear friend thanks for your review.

Mihail Stoyanov says:

why did you change the eye-thingy ?????????

lauryn says:

does anyone know if this is an APS-C camera?

Sebastian Wallman Gallup says:

Why did you speak about the lenses as if they were a part of the camera's features? They aren't even the kit lenses, so your review of the lenses is completely redundant. One of the lenses wasn't even a Canon lens, so speaking about it makes no sense.

KeepFit Daddyuk says:

i have 16GB in my 20D

Nate Barnes says:

40d is not a professional camera lol it's a crop sensor

youtubeyoutubeyoutube says:

I have the Canon 20d, bought it off a young kid off Craigslist for only 100$ and came with the standard lens. It's a great camera, a more professional one.

Marcus Picov-Aida says:

Good video, but I suggests you try to work on you enunciation (no I did not misspell, it's a word), and just try talking to you self some times. It helps with less sluring.

TheIzznadhirah says:

so..,20d , how many mp?

That_Canon_Guy's Reviews says:

Nope the only xxD model that does video as of right now is the 60D

Andrew Roberts says:

Do either do video?

That_Canon_Guy's Reviews says:

I really liked the increase in toughness. The 50D's only benefit is it's higher mp count. It is actually worse than the 40d in other respects such as the FPS and the battery life. I recently changed over from the 40D to a Sony NEX 5n. I am very happy with it:)

Jiří Dvořák says:

okay 🙂 and do you personally feel it is kind of huge upgrade ? Or just soft…only some kind of function? Why not wait just a little bit more and take on 50D?

That_Canon_Guy's Reviews says:

I posted this review almost a year ago:) I bought my 20D in early 2010 off ebay and my 40D in mid 2012.

Jiří Dvořák says:

nice rev,but why it´s online just now…4years after 20D come to market?A I´ve used 20D 2006 to 2011 until shutter died at 65 clicks.And it was smart machine !

5MERC1 says:

Big Ben wants their clock face back

stoplossM4 says:

both decent cameras, both lenses are crap however.

That_Canon_Guy's Reviews says:

Hello ridecrazy11,

I like the 40D alot and have taken over 30,000 pictures with it currently. The advantages over the Canon Rebel XT (which was also my first DSLR also) include: Better build quality, live view, 6.5fps, Better overall image quality. One thing to always remember though is that it is the photographer that takes the picture not the camera and also Lenses are important as you can always use them later on if you decide to upgrade again.

Hope this helps,

ridecrazy11 says:

How do you like the 40d? I have a rebel XT right now it's my first Digital SLR but when I get more into photography I'm Hoping to get a 40d would it be a good improvement?

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