Canon EOS 20D Digital Camera Review

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This is a video review of the Canon 20D. Launched in 2004, it’s been around quite a while but its still a pretty capabable camera. This review covers the various functions of the camera and briefly discusses alternative cameras that possess similar specifications.
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চঞ্চল কথা says:

How to take video by canon 20d?

Roxy Van says:

Thank u for this. I was. Just gifted this camera and I know absolutely nothing about it! It came with a charger a flash and a bunch of other items. I really want to learn how to use this camera properly. I live in VEGAS and would like to start taking pics of all the wonders I enjoy living here. Can u suggest a way I can learn how to start using this properly cuz honestly I’m totally lost😟

AleksTV says:

Вот все говорят- китовый объектив.Но ведь всем известно, что кит- это рыба! Как можно фотографировать на рыбу???

SpitfireJJ says:

how can i get the pictures in my computer? i have the USB cable but it doesn't show up.

Elijah Giles says:

do i have to have the flash card

Photo Type says:

can you do a time lapse with that camera ?

Hàŕşhvàŕďhàñ Pŕòďùçťíòñś says:

can it be used as a YouTube camera

Tony Tarquinio says:

Thank you very much for a comprehensive presentation of a great Canon Digital Camera. It is a lot of fun working with this model Canon camera. As you so accurately stated, this camera does generate some wonderful photos, it is user friendly and also very versatile and reliable. Well executed. Cheers, Tony

94 7.3 IDI turbo Diesel says:

I have a Canon 70D camera.

james mckenna says:

I just bought one from a friend a few month ago to get into photography. Need to learn a lot tho as i have no experience and struggle what all the stuff does .. But hopefully pick up some good tips along the way and get some good pics

james mckenna says:

I just bought one from a friend a few month ago to get into photography. Need to learn a lot tho as i have no experience and struggle what all the stuff does .. But hopefully pick up some good tips along the way and get some good pics

B K says:

Can I send photos from this camera to my iPhone

Matrushko says:

50 euros, body, nowadays, second hand, of course. And with a 35-70 at 30 euros… you got the equipement

Marc P. says:

Still a way good machine – if you can't make decent shots with a 20D, you can't do with any other camera, period.
DR is much better as the 400D (10MP) for instance, check DxOMark. If Canon, i'd never choose the 3-digits or 4-digits
DSLRs, they're just like toys. Missing a 2nd dial mostly (760D does have it, also Top LCD) but all others suck…cheap build,
dim & small pentamirror OVF, no glass pentaprism viewfinder, and many things more missing.

1st Canon xxD (after the 10D) using EF-S lenses (10D was EF Mount only!) so you can use the very cheap & good 18-55 STM, hand it over to your girlfriend or someone else which is a beginner into photography – it's still a way good DSLR, not for todays (2016) standards, but to learn about Photography, great alu-magnesium body, Battery lasts forever, takes CF Card, no SD cards.

Kevin Harrington says:

I cut my photography teeth on this camera.  I learned full manual shooting and made some good money with this body shooting commercial and weddings.  With good glass it can take pro quality images.  Mine is now being used by a new person learning the craft.

J Mckail says:

Does it recorded

jed says:

so when I press on the button to make a pic it waits like 10 second before it really takes a pic and I don't know how to let it make a pic right when I press the button without having to wait 10 seconds, can anyone help?

Worldwide Ghosts says:

Still my favorite camera a year on from my last post a year ago!

Hal Gosling says:

You are so incorrect on your information on "what you see in the viewfinder in this Cropped sensor is less than what you would see on a Full Frame sensor" You will record more than what you see in this view finder as the viewfinder will be something just less than 100% of the image. What you see in the viewfinder has nothing to do with it being cropped or full frame. Some camera viewfinders show 100% of the image while others show 98% of thimage. Has nothing to do with full frame vs cropped.

discuss21 says:

Owned one from new. This is an excellent camera and the build quality is very high. It an excellent sports, landscape, travel, wildlife, portrait and general purpose camera. I recently bought several high quality canon lenses rather than waste money on buying a new camera body. The results are amazing. It feels like a new camera that delivers even better picture results. I also have met other 20D owners who like me remain pleased with its overall performance.

Kaleb Welch says:

One cool note, is that it takes both ef/ef-s lenses, the 10D doesn't. Its a great camera to start with. Even cheaper now, giving you more room to buy good glass.

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