Canon EOS 2000D & 4000D hands-on review

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We get our hands on the Canon EOS 2000D and 4000D, the latest entries into Canon’s DSLR range. The 2000D is an update to the 1300D with a 24.1MP APS-C CMOS sensor, making for more detailed images. However, the 4000D has been designed as an affordable entry-level DSLR, with the hope that it will allow more people to get into photography.

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Khattab Os says:

can we see pictures for 4000D?

Kobe Brown says:

why doesnt canon make a phone? or maybe even colaborate with a phone company to make a phone thats built for photographers?

Crispy K says:

playback at 1.25 speed. 10/10
Nice review !

Just TheTruth says:

4000D is actually cheaper than 1300D in our country

J.chinkim says:

I got the 4000d as it was under £200 and I don't have much money and it is my first DSLR. I have Autism and often get put off buying a camera if i think there is to many features on it to learn. This camera is great as it dose not have to many features, so is easy to learn to use. At first I had no idea what it was missing as I have never had a DSLR before but as I learn I notice the features it is missing. but I don't mind as by not having so many features it was cheaper and I was not afraid to mess around with it . It takes great photos and I am having a lot of fun with it. I now understand ISO aperture and shutter speed and have bought a zoom lense . If you are like me and want to get a DSLR but dont have much to spend and or you are worried about understanding how to use a DSLR this camera is for you .It will get you in the door and it takes grate photos as any other DSLR and if you decide photography is not for you , then you have not wasted to much money. But I am loving it and so grateful to canon for making a camera I can afford 🙂

StopAndListen says:

Title says 'hands on review', but only at the end of the video you then say "go to the website for a hands on review".

Nishaan Patel says:

Glad I got the 2000d 4000d seems like a waste of money

Mehdi Fattahi says:

I have this camera some problems: its connecting smartphone very well but not pc there is no option, with smartphone you cannot connect and use video recording option because it doesn’t work

DIY Astro says:

The 4000d makes absolutely no sense! Why would anyone buy it over the 1300D which is both cheaper and better spec, why?

NakazatoTakeshi says:

Ok. People complaint this camera is canon trash.. but im a kid who interested in photography. My family is not rich. So this is my only option.. 9 af point is not bad.. and burst rate is okay compare to my other camera which is ixus 185 . Im love doing potrait so i buy a 50mm f1.8 lens and the result is fantastic. I buy this because its new so i dont have to worry. Maybe it not gonna last long, but it good enough. I know you mad with canon throw trash camera at people, but because you doing this because you have far better camera. Please dont talk trash about this camera.. Just because U have better equipment. Even Chase Jarvis Wrote a book that titled Best Camera Is The One With You

Masticina Akicta says:

Canon? What is wrong with you?

Really, tell us what is wrong with you, this is pathetic.

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