Canon Camera IXUS 185 Reviews Image Quality

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Canon Camera IXUS 185 Reviews Image Quality – Having been selling digital IXUS cameras for the past 15 years – and at one time selling them in droves – Canon as a manufacturer has taken an ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ approach to 2017’s latest iteration of the long running series. Many might suggest the market has moved on – thanks to smartphone and tablet integrated cameras largely killing off the dedicated compact point-and-shoot category that the IXUS very much falls into. But, it appears this particular attractively stylish and slim-line camera family is still standing, with the IXUS 185 and its equally sibling 190 announced back in February this year. The former is the model we have on our test slab for today, in a maroon red-ish livery. Its headline features include a large-ish 20-megapixel effective resolution from a small-ish 1/2.3-inch CCD sensor.

So, what could convincingly entice someone to buy a digital IXUS in 2017? Well, if the manufacturer’s pitch is to be believed, the Canon IXUS 185 is not just about looking stylish (which it does) but having ‘fun’ with photography. Switch it on and this feels like a beginners’ model – the camera automatically operating in a dedicated ‘easy auto’ mode when you first switch it on, meaning there isn’t really anything one can do apart from point and shoot. We therefore quickly navigated our way to finding the Program mode on our own model, so we could exert some control over light sensitivity/ISO settings and the integral flashgun – i.e fire the latter when we wanted to, not just when the camera deemed flash was warranted, and then ‘compensate’ by bumping up the ISO if needed.

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Faizan Khan says:

Sir, how to blur pics in this camera
Make video plzz

ياسر الحميد says:

i just bought canon 185 last week i start to think that camera was not original because alot of things focus is not good at all photos at weak light is a joke nothing clear the plastic is a nightmare it's like a kid toy removable battery andcharge device unbelievable it can't be 20 mp my galaxy s7 edge 16 mp can take photo like a very high quality camera for real it's the worst camera you can ever got

RAINBOW Studio says:

How to pause a video while recording in cannon ixus 185

Kesh Kexhia Nnyamei says:

subscribe to me please and i will subscribe back .. thank you

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