Canon C200 vs BMPCC 6K Cinema Camera

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C200 vs BMPCC6k! With the Canon 85mm 1.4 & 24mm 1.4
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Scott McKenna says:

Both awesome cameras for sure. BM6k is a crazy good deal for the features. Pros and cons of any camera for sure. Great comparison here.

Paul Schriner says:

nice video thanks

Michel Omnitrix says:

With ALL duo respect you are beautiful, perfect.

Ned Studios says:

Sara check out on Instagram the account “LadyCameraGuy”, I do. But listen, Love the channel Sara, I’m a sub now. Women are truly excellent DP’s.

Celeste Thoms says:

I thought the 6k couldn’t shoot in ProRes. Has that changed or have I heard wrong? It’s one of the reasons I passed on this camera for now.

keston moore says:

Didnt even use the raw on either camera?!

Shemar Collier says:

Both look amazing

D'andrae G says:

South sara your from texas don't forget

Nakean Wickliff says:

Thanks for sharing! You did a great job matching. I preferred the BM camera's color even after matching, however. My biggest question is WHY SHOOT PRORES???? Looks like you were grading in resolve so it makes ZERO sense to me. ProRes files are way larger than BRAW 12:1 files and unless my client asks for proRes I'm shooting BRAW all day! Files are smaller, it cuts like butter and you have more control over your 12 bit image. Win, win, win! Also I picked up a 512 and a couple 256CFast cards on amazon for much cheaper than you guys were talking about. Here's a link to the 512 card at $299

Anyhow, thanks for making this video. I know it took a lot of time and effort.

Raфф says:

No no no… lady you have 0 experience and very funny voice. Do a vlog on make up and barbies please.

BM says:

So is a separate colorgrading software or plugin really necessary over lumetri color in Premiere Pro?

f0t0b0y says:

Woof. Your cg is definitely unique. 😳

Chris Parayno says:

Vlogger vs full production media and broadcasting comparison. When some one says they have to hand hold their camera to do projects, especially interviews, I cringe. Even a monopod would help.

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