Canon 90D vs Canon M6 MK II Ultimate Comparison

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Today I’m going to compare the Canon 90D and the Canon M6 MK II for both photography and video. These are two great options from #Canon which use the new 32MP APS-C cmos sensor.

They have a lot of features in common, but some very important differences, so I’ll put them head-to-head and help you choose.

I’ll cover the strengths and weaknesses of the #canon90d and the #canonm6mkii for both photography and video, and compare everything from body type, framerate and resolution, autofocus, lens options, audio features, and ergonomics.

I will also look at the Canon 90D and the Canon M6MKII in terms of battery life, burst shooting, viewfinder and weather sealing.

Finally I’ll tell you which option I think is best for different uses.

19:38 AUDIO

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What's up everyone?! I hope this comparison of the Canon 90D and M6MKII with sample footage and images is helpful. These are two fantastic options with the new 32MP sensor and I was impressed with the image quality for both photography and video. Let me know what you think!!

Would love to know what you think, good or bad. I am grateful in advance 🙏

vaishnav kk says:

Can you make comparison btw m6 mark ii and sony a6600 , please 🙏🏼

Earthless says:

I'm about to choose a camera and it's really frustrating. I'd like to stay with canon for a number of reasons mostly because of lens that already have, cheaper new lenses and compatibility with some astrophotography software. I need to shoot astrophotography and portrait of very moving subject like my own child..But..come on Canon..SL3..9 point AF (like my current camera 450d of more than TEN years ago), no central pin flash.. M50 no remote cord port, no bluethoot intervalometer, no eyeAF in servo mode..m6 mk2 well, with the EVF costs 1150 more than the full frame RP with adapter (arount 1050 euro) and more than double the m50, no fully articulated screen.. It seems that Canon is play games with the consumer they just ignored the pro-amaterur price represented in the past with 800d or 77d. The 90d is a miracle just because is a Canon camera without any absurd compromise. It's a suicidal strategy. The weather sealed sony 6400 with kit lens is about 900euro the fuji xt30 a little more, they are both cheaper than m6 mk2. Problem is that when you look at the lens you would need to spend a lot more money, but neverthless if I only I not have canon lens I would said goodbye to Canon.

As usual thanks for your video, really usefull.

D.E. SIGNS says:

At the time I'm writing this comment the EOS-R is $1499….For a couple hundred extra bucks, I'd definitely take the EOS-R over either of these

Rick Mears says:

You're doing such impressive, professional work in your videos… I love that layered slider-dissolve shot of cameras lined up at around 20:35. Good that you cover cameras for both stills and video uses. Your coverage of the remote control app features helped me pick the M50 vs micro 4/3'rds last year. The mirror-less form has allowed me to adapt some old vintage Minolta as well as EF & EF-S lenses. I prefer the smaller size to the bulk of full-frame cameras & lenses, and settled on APS-C mirror-less as a compromise between micro 4/3'rds and full-frame, but I still find myself walking out the door with even smaller pocket cameras more often! Seeing new dogs, wondering if something happened with your, uhm, black&white boxer?

Lnz_uk says:

A comparison between m50 and m6 mark ii would be appreciated, thanks!!

Hanfas NK says:

please review canon m200

mklphoto says:

The not being able to use an external flash while also using the EVF in the M6MKII hot shoe is a real shame. Canon, or a third party needs to make an adapter to allow you to utilize both at the same time. I have an old custom off-camera Canon flash cord that allows me to pass thru the TTL signal to an addition TTL hot shoe on top of the main hot shoe. It appears as if (from looking at product photos of the hot shoe), that the EVF uses a dedicate row of micro pins, and the flash would use a different set of pins.

Dor Sack says:

Very helpful video! Love it! I do miss your bloopers though, pls add them next time 🙏😘

Ashwin Kosambia says:

Hi, your videos are great! Thanks for all these nice videos.
Would the EVF-DC2 work on hot shoe of 60D? Since you can get your hands on all these gears, it would be nice if you could try out and let us know. If it does work, then we can have one of the advantage of M6 II on 60D too!!

max million says:

I have the 80D now and considering the 90D… did great job on the comparison. I have heard that the 90d has some auto focus problems if not using canon glass. Have you heard any thing.

tiago santos says:

I would like a camera like the 90D but mirrorless. The M6 doesn't have a viewfinder, or you need to pay extra, and when i had it in my hands … is too small. I have a 100d and small hands, it is unconfortable to carry it in my hands.

Nildo Scoop says:

Did Daniel Ricciardo quit F1? 🤣🤣

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