Canon 90D vs. Canon 7D Mark II vs. Canon 80D | Comparison Review

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The 90D fills the gap between the 80D and 7D Mark II, but from what we can tell, it’s the best of the three! See why Canon’s new 30 megapixel APS-C DSLR has got us impressed.

0:57 – Canon 90D price
1:17 – 90D resolution comparisons
1:40 – 90D autofocus
1:55 – Continuous shooting
2:14 – 90D video specs
2:45 – 90D touch screen
2:54 – 90D time lapse

Canon 90D:



Vulture Head Productions says:

Thanks for the review comparison!

Lorenzo Pizzio says:

you did not talk about the compression formats of video, which is a serious problem in the 90D. unlike the 80D or the 7D mark 2, the 90D cannot do all-i compression with his huge 90 Mb/s bit-rate. (IPB does only 60 Mb7s). You didn't also mention the fact that in 60 frames per seconds the 7D II loses continuous autofocus.

Wesley Aston Photography says:

Seems like a nice camera for the $$ since I do still have lots of EF glass. Was thinking of selling the 7D2 but now feel the price of a used one is going to drop a bit cause of the 90D. To many toys!

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