Canon 80D vs Sony A6300 – Hands On Comparison Review!

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– Sony A6300 vs Canon 80d –

So let’s first take a look at the build quality and design of these two cameras.Now the first thing that you notice when you pick up these two cameras is there difference in size and weight. The Canon 80d really feels like a dedicated DSLR and on the other hand, the Sony A6300 feels a little bit like a mix between a compact camera and a DSLR.I’ve always been a big fan of the older Canon 70d and the way it feels in the hand and that’s the same with the new 80d. It’s not as light as some of the Rebel Cameras, but also not heavy and cumberstoneg like the bigger full frame bodies. But I definitely have found myself leaving it home on occasion because it’s just a little too big.
Which one do I prefer? Well if I’m going to be doing any kind of travel or if I’m going to be on the move a lot, I’m definitely going to be going for the A6300. But I do like the feel of the Canon 70d, and having that big solid body and feel could definitely help in a pro environment.
By the way, let me know in the comments below which camera you’d choose out of these two and why.

Both of the menu systems of these cameras are pretty good and quite easy to understand and I think the best one for you will be the one your used to. One thing I really do like though is the ability to change the menu settings with my finger using the touch screen on the 80d which is something that is missing on the A6300. But overall both are pretty good. If you like to customise your camera though I’d definitely look at the A6300 as it’s got a lot more customisation available.

– LCD Screen –
Like I said before, one of the big benefits of the new 80D is it’s full articulating, touch screen LCD. Like I said in my full review, having the ability to have a touch screen is someting that I never thought i’d really neeed on a dslr, but something I really enjoy. It’s great for swiping through menus quickly, but alsoo setting your autofocus points as well. And to me I’m a bit dissapointed with the screen on teh SOny. It’s actually a really nice screen, but hte fact that it can only flip to around about here, and also isn’t a tocuh screen is a real bummer.
Both of the screens also atract fingerprints as well which is something you need to wathc, but overall in terms of the screens, the winner here is the Canon by a long way.

Now both Canon & Sony have been touting their new autofocus systems to be some of the best in the wordl and after my testing, I found that they both are. In terms of autofocus in stills, the Sony has been the clear winner for me. It’s ridiculously quick and it’s incredibly good at tracking subjects. The Canon has performed really well also, but it doesn’t really compete with teh Sony 400 plus atofocus points.
If you do like to shoot using the lcd as well, and I know some people do, the Sony is again the winner. It’s just as fast using the lcd to focus and using it’s electronic viewfinder. The Canon 80d was pretty good, but not as good performing the same tests. So in terms of stills AF performance, the Sony is a big winner.

Now the Sony destroyed the Canon 80d in stills Autofocuss, but in termms of video autofocus, it’s been a much closer race.
I’ve been a big fan of the dual pixel autofocus on teh old 70d for a few years and the new 80d is even better. For video work, it’s at a level right now where I’d say it’s almost perfect for most conditions.
Compared to the sony, it’s a lot smoother transition when focusing, whereas the Sony is a much quicker focus. Kind of like it’s had about 10 cups of coffee thatt morning. But let’s now talk about resolution and this is where the A6300 really jumps ahead. It shoots in 4k where as the 80d only shoots in 1080p and the sharpness is bight and day. If you really need 4k footage, then the answer will be simple, get the A6300, but for my videos, I’m quite happy shooting in 1080p for the time being.

I just quickly want to talk about the slow motion capabilities of these cameras. If you like to do slow motion you’ll probably want to look towards the Sony A6300 as it can shoot at 120 frames per second where as the Canon tops out at 60 frames per second. It’s actually a pretty big difference and it could be a big factor if it’s a big part of your shooting repetoir. If you want to see the difference between the slow motion at 120frames per second of the A6300 to the 60 fps of the Canon, you can click here to see.

– Canon 80D & Sony A6300 Entry Details & Official Rules: –


Mila Yordi says:

Heyyyy! which one would you recommend to film makeup tutorials for Youtube?? PLEASEEEE

Dior Diorrrs says:

Really wanted to buy the 80D but its too heavy and big for my taste. Also, the sony takes pictures way faster in motion Downside its not touch! 🙁
Ended up with sony!!

Two Wheels says:

Entry level Canon ef lenses costs nothiing and are gorgeous.
-24mm 2.8 stm
-55-250 stm
-10-18 stm
-50 1.8 stm
This should also be considered!

fiddlegrass says:

Awesome video! Thanks!

prabhas jamnik says:

Which is better for frofenatinal camera?

Sarah D says:

80D is a great camera.

Abhijith ss says:

Love your videos …
Really informative

Each of your videos are well organized..

fiddlegrass says:

Unless 4K is super important for you, I’d go with the 80D.

Zyklos says:

Sony A6300 is a DSLR🤔

i eye says:

Which Camera you use to shoot this video ??

Cartoon tv says:

Love canon d80

nicholas46461 says:

Which camera would be best for self portrait photography?

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