Canon 80D vs Nikon D7200 – Full Camera Comparison

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Here is our camera comparison between the Canon 80D vs Nikon D7200.

More info on the Canon EOS 80D:

More info on the Nikon D7200:

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barbara sterk says:

thanks for helping me to choose 🙂

youmm90pro says:

I like both. No need to choose.


D7200 better image quality

Yamaha Kawai says:

What is a lol?

Gamer Proz says:

80d vs d7200 which one better?

Techno Vinit says:

I have Nikon 7200 how is it

Techno Vinit says:

Which camera does you have

Mohammed Wageh says:

I have d7200 with a lot of lens but I really don't like the follow focus at all in nikon 7200

I am confused between shifting all my lens and camera to canon or to just go full farm camera nikon with good follow foucus like d850

Godfrey Jemand says:

How a camera feels means nothing a plastic camera will last as long since most photographers keep them for less that 5-7 years tops. Specs don't mean that much it is the photos and how sharp they are. Where are the photos? Most people have the same kind of brains and bodies and …. HUH?

This guy is a "Used Car Dealer" he gets money from Video Blocks. "Follow him and worship him and listen to him and give him all of your attention and..


Wich is best for videography nd photography???? budget 60k

senthil visagan says:

I used Nikon D7000 for 6 years but switched to Canon this year to 80D. Bottom line Canon has better IQ and color representation than Nikon, I realised it after many years struggling with Nikon

Nisarg bhatt says:

can i shoot multiple exposer in canon 80d????

Vijay Mukh says:

Detailed comparison Canon 80D vs Canon 760D

killer clash says:

Please tell which one is better canon or nikokn

Tushant Chile says:

I am canfus
I like canon
Bat Nikon d7200 is little bit better to Canon 80d
Which one Chu's a better photography and also video

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