Canon 800D (T7i) Real World Camera Review

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I review the new Canon 800D (T7i) DSLR camera and head to the Lake District to put it through it’s paces from a landscape photography perspective.

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There are a lot of great camera and lens reviews out thereon YouTube that provide technical details, breakdowns and clinical assessments of gear. Check out Chris Winter and Christopher Frost Photography. My camera reviews aim to give a more ‘real world’ perspective of what it’s like to actually go out and use a camera or lens in the field. They will generally be in a landscape photography theme and there are not many gear reviews out there that cater for this.

The Canon 800D came out a few months ago and seems to provide an accomplished looking package for the price. I picked mine up slightly more recently and am intending to use it as my main vlogging camera to replace the older Canon 700D. The main reason I upgraded was the updated video features. For the first time Canon is offering the Dual-Pixel autofocus system on an entry level camera. This has been present on higher end cameras like the Canon 5D Mark IV and the 80D for sometime and offers smooth, fast and accurate autofocus for video that makes filming very easy. It locks onto a target, like your face, and doesn’t lose it. It will also allow you to do some beautiful cinematic focus pulls. It genuinely is a magnificent system and is a pleasure to use.

Other video features include 50/60 fps at full HD (1080P). This has been lacking for a while in the lower end cameras so it is a welcome addition to the 800D. Sadly though, it is still lacking 4K. At the current time this is not a deal breaker but as more people transition to 4K it will be something I need very soon.

On the stills side, the 800D has an APS-C 24.2 MP sensor with an ISO sensitivity of 100-25600, following the trend of ever increasing low light ability in digital cameras. It has a 45 point autofocus system that is fast and accurate and very impressive on a camera at this price point. The autofocus point selection is more limited than on the higher end cameras but will be more than adequate for the majority of users.

Alternatives come from the Nikon 5600. This is a great camera but the video features are not up to the Canon standard. The Canon 77D, which was released at the same time as the 800D, is another alternative. The 77D is just an 800D in a slightly bigger, more robust body. Not worth the extra £200. If you want something more rugged the Canon 80D is a better way to go.

The Canon EOS 800D (T7i) is a very capable shooter at a very attractive, entry level, price point. The EF-S mount allows all EF lenses to attach to the camera meaning you can easily upgrade your glass as you gain experience. It has the ability to capture beautiful landscapes, fast enough to capture some good wildlife photography and is more than adequate for capturing some beautiful family portraits. This is an accomplished all rounder and is my new recommendation to people looking to purchase their first DSLR.

4.5 out of 5.


Pranjal Deka says:

awesome style of reviewing . Love from India.

Raaj Paree says:

Firstly great video. I want to buy my first DSLR for YouTube vlogging. What do you recommend sir.

Bushcraft And Astronomer. says:

Just shows you don't need a pro camera to great photos. These entry level cameras are just as good. I own the canon 700D and took great photos. You can have as much fun with these cameras as pro cameras.

ThePorts77 says:

Hey. With the time lapse is there any restrictions on how long it will last or is it limitless?

Temuujin Whitewolf says:

is 800d can be better than canon 70d?

studio7 says:

Love the b/w photo.

studio7 says:

Heres a not a beginner but have an older dslr. I was thinking of buying a full frame Canon 6dii..or 5diii…but for the price you pay its a lot…now im thinking of going back to say the Canon 800D..reason?.. well its 24 m pixels…video..which is way more than my old camera..but its the digic 7 up to date..these new cameras see in low light so much better than my old 40D. It would be ideal for interior shots, weddings etc. Anyone got any views on this?…plus i have Canon L lenses and thats where it matters..your quality comes from the lenses..couple that with 24m pixels..i should get great results. On the still have to get a really wide wide angle lens for group shots.

Craig Willis says:

why does the Camera say 800D, when the one on bestbuy says 80D?

Sushil Nawadkar Fitness says:

10/10 Adam. Awesome video. I am taking 800d tomorrow. thanks for detailed review. Love from India.

waterman308 says:

You guys live in such a stunningly beautiful part of the world.

Ortzi Parkour and Free running says:

hello ! can we take pictures at night with the canon 800d ? that would be very helpfull thanks !

kev Davies says:

Swopped my 760D for one of these due next week cant waitexc. video

Yorkshire man says:

Hello Adam i got the canon 200d which is nice size camera with duel pixel focusing i use it for blogging and street photography and i have the canon 700d for my son to use it to see if he likes photography and it’s a grate camera for beginners too yes it’s hunts when blogging good enough for street photography great video I’ll have to see about getting the 800d myself

Metawolf says:

How do you turn off the AF Display? that annoying box that follows your face around on the screen (i use the camera for streaming). I can turn off other displays except that. Canon 800D/T7i

Tim says:

800D good for vlogging?

Thaha S says:

Hi, 800D vs 80D – Which one do you recommend for an intermediate professional photography level.

Retch Einhundert says:

Could you give me some places in Scotland and northern GB? I‘m going to visit it in the summer, Isle of arran was beautiful in your video,

Tech World says:

I’m waiting for the t8i

Muhammed Naeem says:

I have canon 800 D camera . Please tell me witch lens perfect for landscape photography. Bundle of thanks sir

nath Cd says:

Hi. I'm from India. Nice video. Please be kind enough to suggest an upgrade from 700d. Wish to stick on with crop sensor for the time being. Thanks in anticipation

Erika Rittenhouse says:

Any idea when the T8i is coming out? I heard that there were rumors it would be coming out this month.. but not sure if that was true or if things have changed. I'm only curious because I want to know if I should buy the T7i or wait a little bit longer for the T7i.

ronny simon says:

if canon 800d if out hdmi to tv, can it still connect to wifi, appear and be controlled with a smartphone?

Brad Edwards says:

Amazing review man. Love the real world use! Makes a change from people sat in a room talking about it. Thank you!

alloneword154 says:

I have an 80D and was thinking about getting the t7i for a B camera for a second shooter for weddings. Will there be much difference between the images with identical lenses?

nguyen dung says:

I very like. I want buy it but….no money!😓😓😓😓

ZenExperience says:

Hi wich lens you used to shoot the landscapes with the 800D? Thank you

Leo Costa says:

I'm happy I have this camera 😀
I'm also happy to use my Fujifilm X100F

Sebastian LeFeuvre says:

Gave you a massive subscribe! I was going to buy the 200D but I'm all 800D now!

What microphone were you using?

JP Info says:

You've sold the 800d for me. Excellent job with the video. 10/10. New sub here!

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