Canon 7D Mark II vs Sony a6000 – Digital Camera Output Comparison

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Canon 7D Mark II DSLR vs Sony ILCE a6000 Mirrorless – Digital Camera Output Comparison. A quick test of the quality of output of both video and images from both cameras. The Canon 7D Mark II had the Canon 28mm F1.8 USM Lens and the Sony a6000 has the sigma 30mm DN lens. You can buy these cameras from Tempe Camera at
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IanRod C says:

depends on how you use it man

antant06 says:

This was ultimately the video that convinced me to go an a6000, and two years on I couldn't be happier. Thanks mate!

varun .S says:

i have a question…That i have Sony A6000..but lens are too i can put nikon or canon lens to it?tell me plz

Liv Mar says:

The XAVC-S format from Sony will crush anytime, anywhere your Canon 7D ….. it is used in the professional films standard… compared with Full HD from Canon 7D it has much more quality in the range of movies …. if you didn't use the ML for Raw video, you will loose from the start !

hellomyphone says:

I can't see red color very well. Canon makes lovely pictures to me. Sony pictures are too blu to my eyes. It's a matter of perception. I had both Sony a5100 and Canon 100D at home and returned the Sony. I know the a5100 is technically way better but I was not happy with the photo output.

Zaid Alamiri says:

Am confused, first you show us how better the image quality of the a6000 then at the end you said the canon is better?? Cmon man

Ryan Yoseph says:

oh.. really, that backgroud?
please close that door.
overall its good video.

INGSOC says:

if only Sony would come out with better lenses and slightly better prices …. they would be unstoppable

Jj Sands says:

Why don't you go to a sporting event / brids in flight to test out their focus speed performance instead of a person walking in a parking lot

Sascha Schürmann Fotografie says:

what you can to the speed and thereby tell the focus? I photograph dogs on the move and need ne fast camera and a very unerring focus.Machen the significantly more focus points sony noticeable when?

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