Canon 6D Mark II Review! WATCH BEFORE YOU BUY!

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Before you buy the Canon 6D mkii, watch this video.

After taking the Canon 6D2 to Alaska, I came away with some pretty strong conclusions.

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Interview filmed on Panasonic G9


Kinotika says:

Do you think the Canon 6D Mkii sucks too? Let us know what you think below!

oavelino415 says:

been waiting for years now for canon to fix this issues (6d starter fl fr camera), love the 85 1.2, but because of the lack of futures and the boring design Im sticking with my fuji camera. as soon as canon improves the design,… i’m buying one.

Steve Brown says:

Obviously, it was freezing in the studio, thus the red coat zipped up to the chin. Perhaps in a better climate-controlled room he might have slowed down and concentrated on the review.

kcha hawleri says:

thank you for this review love from kurdistan you saved my money! @Kinotika ♥️♥️♥️♥️

FeedScrn says:

I purchase Canon EOS cameras primarily for their picture – taking ability. There is a misnomer in photography.. Because of how camera manufacturers market their product… people are believing that they can produce Professional level videos out of a $800 – $5000 camera. This is patently untrue.
– A Pro still picture camera, namely the EOS series cameras, are originally and primarily designed to produce still pictures.
– People forget that real pro video cameras are actually the cine cameras… See BHPhotoVideo, Pro Video | Digital Cine Cameras….. These are what Pro movie makers pick up with making PROfessional movies and content for mass media. Or try the same site and go to Broadcast Video Cameras…. These are PROfessional cameras… not toylike devices which the EOS cameras are for video.
– It's kind of the fault of the camera manufacturers… who market their cameras and mislead the public to believe that their cameras (like the EOS series cameras) actually produce Pro level videos.
– For Broadcast Video Camera level equipment.. (as listed in bhphotovideo com) prepare to spend $45,000 and up.

Amier Asyraf says:

Canon: nope 🙂

Anshul Agrawal says:

suggest me a good lens for general photography (potraits,street,landscape photos)for my canon 80d

Boschtra Damus says:

Just don’t think the whole world is just about fucking overrated you-tubers,,,,, Get a life man

Mr 800 says:

Canon bought out Peter to promote the 6d!?! 😩

Ensian Blåfugl says:

>I watched it in 1080P for that soft look

Josiah Poyitt says:

I disagree. Most people aren't buying full frame DSLRs for video. You haven't mentioned the photographic experience with this model, the kinds of photos you can get with it etc. These are the things that most of us care about when it comes to DSLRs. I shoot maybe 2 videos a year on my systems, so an entire review of a camera designed for photography that focuses on video seems like it's destined to be negative

KatyLike Vlogs says:

which camera you record this video with blue light on background in red jacket ? and lens please . picture is perfect )

JFS Films says:

Haha dude I love this review straight out honesty 😂😂💪🏻

Electronic Box says:

For sure the best and most important , honest and pro detailed review!!! Respect bro!!!

Nizar Noor says:

What if I don't care at all about video? Is this good?

AJM says:

Such a wonderful review ! 😂

Reynard Lee says:

but now the price dropped to $1200, is it a worth buying now?

FeedScrn says:

In Jan 2019- You can get the 6D Mark II for a lot less now… I've seen it for $1132 USD at NewEgg… not grey market.-I'm not that much of a video person… so the video features are not that primary. It's a FF camera from Canon that doesn't cost an arm and a leg…
-The one thing that bothers me is the lack of dynamic range. I don't want to have to sit down and edit each and every picture I take with it post-process. I'm hoping that it's not that lame in this regard.

Ayden T says:

I live in Kotzebue

Ayden T says:

I live were you were in Alaska

ᗷᒪᗩᑕK ᑕᒪOᑌᗪ says:

apple joke was funny 😄

Corben Dallas says:

Hey man I like your passion , these are the reviews I look for , most reviews I read have no punch line , by the time I finish reading it I don't know what to think . You have steered me towards looking at the GX5 which most of us in Australia have never seen or heard of . Anyways , Keep up the thumping reviews , there are people who love the honesty . Cheers from down Under , ps I will let you know what camera I bought for my videeeoing !

Joey Young says:

Just bought the camera today and been playing around… I can say that the full frame makes a huge difference and that is something you can't say for a cropped sensor. It's an upgrade from my workhorse of a camera body the Rebel T3i that I abused to no end and it still held the test of time. These Canon bodies are super worth the money, at least in my experience I've never regretted buying a Canon lens/body if no other reason than it opened a new photography door for me.

Travis McGhee says:

Let me guess you don't care for the 6D?

Sakar Subedi says:

I am simply not upgrading to 80D from 1300D just because I wish someday, somewhere Canon will release 90D with 4k !!

Ben Champlin says:

From a fellow Nash(villain) thanks for the vid, I was thinking about upgrading to this. Sounds like the 80D is a better option or is there a better option? The SL2 looks good but I can't imagine buying a Rebel.

movado242 says:

Who uses on camera audio?

Destination Offroad says:

Thankyou for your honest opinion, I'm struggling to make up my mind between my next camera. The choices is become clear though as I'll more then likely get the 80D as all my lenses will fit it. I do alot of outdoor 4wd videos and need something that can handle the dirt, dust and sometimes rain/drizzle.

William Wallace says:

I bought the 6DII in July when it was 1,500 on B and H. I was upgrading from a t6i so it was a huge upgrade. Mainly got it for photography and in that regard its a huge upgrade. At least from the t6i!

Raja Nahar Shah says:

Everyone is so obsessed about wanting to vlog and all these reviews are so video centric that it’s getting massively annoying. People want the same specs on all cameras across the price range and don’t realise how that kills your business. Offer 4K on a 900D and no one’s gonna get a 90D for a minute example.

Not everyone cares about making Youtube videos. Sure it’s the trendy thing to do now but it isn’t the only reason people get cameras nowadays. PLUS, not everyone cares about 4K so stop peddling that shit. 1080p works great for Youtube anyway.

The 6D is an amazing camera for PHOTOGRAPHERS using a crop sensor to step up to. Period. If you shoot video, don’t whine. This isn’t meant for you anyway.

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