Canon 6D Mark II – Hands-on First look (and comparisons to 6D)

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We spent a day shooting with the just-announced Canon 6D Mark II, and we take a look at it’s features and sample photos with the help of landscape photographer Jarrod Hyde.
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Sayon_official channel says:

nice reviews

PuT ThE LoTiON iN ThE BaSkEt says:

what is the lens you are using?

Puia Zadeng Zda Zda says:


Hipcravo Designs says:

May I ask which lens did you use for all these pictures?

Monty says:

Which camera is better Nikon D750 or Canon 6D mark ii
Please suggest me I am totally confused….

Mojo says:

even in 2018 this is a good camera, yes some others have more features but that doesnt make the 6dmk2 bad, its a good solid camera for still shooting and HD video its all you need

Bhawit Kumar says:

Hello Sir. I just bought a Canon 6d Mark ii. I noticed the shutter has a horizontal line at the center. Is that normal or is that a defect ? Can u kindly reply as I can return it if this is a defect.

Jared Mohansingh says:

I like this video format and style

Godz29 says:

Should i get a 35mm 1.8 or 50mm 1.8 on it?i don't have a budget for a 1.2 or 1.4 💔

the PaleHorse says:

Best review so far! Good thing so many managed to drive the prices down by talking all that shut:) cause ima buying one$

Spectrum says:

The best camera review I have ever seen. Every single tiny spec was mentioned. Very helpful.

Ahmed Azeem says:

Hey bro these photos are edited or not?

Richard Rife says:

I didn’t know Steve Buscemi had a YouTube channel

sw40lover says:

am i the only one that thinks this is a beautiful man?

Julien Merelli says:

Man you speak too fast. You're killing my brain!!

Ruczy Media says:

Great video!! We absolutely love our Canon 6D mk II .

Lorenzo Rhino says:

??? Didn't they miss a port? Were is the wired remote connection?

The CAD School says:

Since Sony A7III is in the market, is canon 6D mark II worth purchasing?

Donavan Freberg says:

Just in terms of stills, handling and IQ, would you recommend this camera over the 5D Mark III?

Rachid sdk says:

You are girl no man wats the hair

Craig Larbes says:

Something I learned and I’m not a professional at all. It’s the person behind the camera that takes the photo. It’s nice having all the bells in whistles, but a excellent photographer should be able to take awesome pictures no matter equipment he or she is given. I bet a pro photographer could work with a 5d mark 1 and have stunning photos with it.

Erskin Hansen says:

No headphone jack, no 4k, no slow-mo and not mirrorless going into 2018? Sad Canon. If they even ticked off 1 of those boxes, people would shut up.

Biplab Roy says:

Which lens do u use in this photos ?

Yiannis Michael says:

Should i get this or the m5? Is it worth going full frame?

Melvin Johnson says:

Time for a Marine Corp regulation hair cut.

Chris Berlin says:

a man has no face 😀

Sekiz Kelvin says:

I am about to switch to a full frame Canon from my beloved 750D. Now ignoring the cost, why would I choose 6D MKII over 5D MKIV? Why would I choose 5D MKIV over 6D MKII?

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